Top 10 Benefits of mindfulness meditation

You need to spend some time with yourself so that things become easier for you. For this you can do mindfulness meditation. It also helps you to increase the speed of your breathing, reduce the fickleness of thoughts, pay attention to body movements and increase your ability to listen. It helps you to be in one place at a time so that you

Human beings are the only species which can be happy and can feel any kind of emotions but in today's time so much is going on in our life at one time that we laugh in captivity of our mind and situations. And forget to be stress free. Gradually this habit and way of life can make us sick. People become victims of stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for people to come out of it because they do not understand how to calm themselves. Many times we try movies, excursions and in many ways to be happy but you do not get peace of mind. 

Benefits of mindfulness meditation

  1. Less anger
  2. Feeling of Peace and Happiness
  3. Increasing Focus
  4. Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  5. Development of Decision Making Ability
  6. Beneficial for Better Sleep
  7. Having Emotional Stability
  8. Decreased Hyper-activity
  9. Developing the ability to understand and accept others
  10. To be happy in everything

Mindfulness Meditation Methods

  1. Breathing Meditation

One type of breathing meditation is mindfulness meditation. During this, you focus on your breath and when the breath comes in and goes out, you feel very relaxed. Feel the fluctuating breath. At this time, keep one hand on the stomach and when inhaling, the stomach goes outwards and when you exhale, the stomach moves inwards. Whenever there is a disorientation of the breath, there is no need to panic. This usually happens during meditation. The mind is very unstable, so do not leave the meditation due to distraction, but again focus on the breath with full devotion. This has both mental and physical benefits. Helps to reduce stress.

  1. Listening to the Sounds Around

Sometimes we completely ignore the natural sounds in our work and the crowd around us. The rustle of birds, trees and plants and the surrounding movement is not only very different and meditative for us, but while doing mindfulness, meditation, listen carefully to the sound of things around you. What's the sound like and feel it from inside. However, do not let any preconceptions dominate you and feel the sound coming with the help of ears. It helps in reducing depression and increases concentration. Slowly move away from these voices to the voice of the people, who is speaking what. It gives you a chance to take out time for yourself even in the crowd.

  1. Looking at things carefully

Pay close attention to the things around you. Pay attention to the size, appearance and type of things. Be true to what you see beyond preconceptions. For example, if every one of the leaves is yellow, then keep in mind that the leaves of this tree have turned yellow because many times, according to our preconception or imagination, things are not found or seen, then we feel uncomfortable. . Many people go ahead by talking about that thing, but some people can be troubled by the things they are seeing today. So cultivate the habit of accepting.

  1. Pay Attention to the Thoughts Running in Your Mind

Our mind is very fickle. While staying in one place, it becomes difficult for us to stay in that place. This is the main reason for your worry and worry can give rise to many diseases. If still the mind feels entangled in thoughts, then take the thoughts on the breath. This increases concentration in the mind and also develops the ability to recover from thoughts. Also, the thoughts coming in the mind can be stable. However, do not force any thoughts in your mind. Meditation will not help with this.

  1. Paying attention to body functions

While doing exercise or yoga, you should pay attention only to the movement of hands and feet, as well as every small and big movement of your body. For example, while doing any exercise related to the hand, try to focus from your fingers to the arms. This keeps the mind exercising along with the activities of the body. Apart from this, you can feel the vibration from the knees to the thighs while doing the exercise by spreading the legs in front. Do not try to practice for this in a hurry.

Keep these things in mind

  1. Eat food on time and eat healthy food. In this, you can eat more vegetables, fruits and dry fruits.
  1. To keep the body hydrated, you can consume more amount of juice, water and smoothies.
  1. Always try to start the day with a healthy detox drink so that you stay healthy throughout the day.

(Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.)

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