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Know all the symptoms of high blood pressure. Remove the problem of high blood pressure by knowing the causes and symptoms.

Low blood pressure is also known as hypotension. Its condition arises when the blood pressure starts falling below normal and the heart, brain, and organs present inside the body do not get blood. In such a situation, there is a lack of blood inside the body, which leads to low blood pressure. Let us tell you that BP less than 60 mm Hg is counted in low BP, in which case complaints of dizziness have been seen in the patient. 

Symptoms of low blood pressure 

Many times it happens that the patient's BP becomes low and he has to bear all kinds of problems, but he does not even know what has happened to him, so first of all, let's know the symptoms of low BP so that you can make it easier. be able to identify it and get it treated in time


Sudden dizziness is a symptom of low BP. If you feel dizzy while sitting or suddenly, then understand that your blood pressure has become low, do not ignore it at all.

Blurred vision

The symptoms of BP low also include blurring of the eyes, the person who is suffering from low blood pressure, his eyesight becomes weak and he sees distant or near objects blurred. 


Sudden fainting is also a symptom of low BP. Most people faint due to low blood pressure and this problem recurs with them again and again. If you feel that you faint unnecessarily or you feel dizzy, then understand that you are suffering from blood pressure disease.


Talking about low BP symptoms, the person suffering from this disease feels nausea, which sometimes also indicates high BP. If you do not like anything in the food and always have bad taste in the mouth, then in such a situation contact the doctor.

Effects on Skin

Although dryness in the skin occurs due to many reasons, if you always find your skin cold and dry, then it can be a symptom of blood pressure.


Weakness is such a problem that follows you in every minor illness. Symptoms of low BP include weakness. If you feel that you are feeling tired without doing any work or without working hard and are always sleepy, then understand that you have blood pressure.

Trouble Breathing

Low blood pressure symptoms can also be identified by shortness of breath. The person who is a victim of high blood pressure also starts having problems like breathing, as well as the person's breathing becomes louder even when the blood pressure is low and he feels pressure in breathing freely.

(Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.)

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