When will the corona pandemic end?

Everyone is eager to know when will corona pandemic end. Let us clear this confusion so that it can give you sigh of relief. Stay tuned for more news on corona at Medicircle.

"Living with corona" yes, this is the new buzz. Let us know when it's going to end and we will be back to normalcy. The month of March 2022 is very crucial as we are noticing that the covid reaches its peak and then slowly progresses downwards. None of us can forget the second wave of corona in March- April 2021. 

Given all the measures to be followed and the rapid progress in the vaccination campaign, it is estimated that the coronavirus epidemic may end by the month of May. 

End of coronavirus pandemic: 

Experts have made a big statement about the coronavirus epidemic, saying that soon the coronavirus epidemic will end. Significantly, the Omicron form of covid is spreading worldwide and it is considered more serious than the previous form of the coronavirus, Delta Strain. However, in the meantime, many Russian and Danish scientists have made statements that the outbreak will end like a seasonal epidemic this year. In view of following all the prevention measures and the rapid increase in the vaccination campaign, it is estimated that the coronavirus epidemic may end by the month of May. 

When will the coronavirus epidemic end?

According to the report of news agency IANS, we have a long time till May In such a situation, if all necessary steps are taken, then its pace should slow down before May, or at least it should come under control. People should not worry. Now there is nothing to panic about because vaccines against the virus have been developed and there is vaccination against coronavirus infection is always done 

Covid infection may soon become a seasonal disease

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is currently a cause for concern, will turn into a seasonal pandemic in the year 2022.  COVID-19 pandemic can turn into a seasonal pandemic like the flu.  The current situation looks like the 1960s, when the flu pandemic in Hong Kong had a very severe impact, many people in severe form." got sick."

The vaccines and medicines were made and we have been living with the flu for 60 years now. Covid today is in some ways similar to that. There is a serious pandemic, fear, the creation of vaccines, and the development of drugs. If good, reliable medicine is taken and protocols are followed, we will start to see this disease like the common flu.

The new variant will become the end of the pandemic 

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 is bringing an end to the pandemic and we will be back to our normal lives in two months." Despite initial fears that Omicron could prolong the pandemic due to its increased levels. In the next two months, the infections will start to subside and we will get back to our normal lives

A study led by the State Serum Institute showed that people infected with Omicron are hospitalized at half the number of people infected with Delta.

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