Why is good and adequate sleep important for children?

In this article, we will know about the side effects of not getting enough sleep in children and at what age, how much sleep is necessary for children. Let us read in detail.

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine and lifestyle. Getting enough sleep is very important to stay healthy. Although it is important for everyone to get good and sound sleep, do you know that getting good and adequate sleep is very important for children too? If children do not get enough sleep, it can affect their health in many ways. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30 percent of children are unable to get good enough sleep, due to which they are suffering from serious health problems.

Why is good and adequate sleep important for children?

If children do not get enough sleep, they may have to face serious health problems. Children who get enough and good sleep regularly have better focus and behavior, increased learning abilities, a sharper memory, and improved overall mental and physical health.

Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep 

If children do not get enough sleep, they are at increased risk of many serious diseases. Lack of sleep in them can lead to problems like high blood pressure, obesity, and even depression. That's why it is important for children to get enough sleep.

At what age, how much sleep necessary for children?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, how long a child should sleep depends on their age. The duration of sleep varies depending on age.

  • 12-16 hours of sleep is necessary for a child under 1-year-old
  • 11-14 hours of sleep is necessary for a 1-2-year-old
  • It is necessary for a child of 3-5 years to sleep for 10-13 hours
  • It is necessary for a 6-12-year-old child to get 9-12 hours of sleep.
  • Adolescents of 13-18 years must sleep for 8-10 hours

Follow These Tips To Help Your Kids Get Enough Sleep

Your baby should ideally go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up before the sun rises in the morning to get a sound sleep. However, young children need a little more sleep. Some simple measures can also be effective such as:

  • Keep the room light off and the room light dim
  • If your children are a little older, do not allow them to use electronic gadgets for at least an hour before bedtime and keep away from mobile phones or TV screens.
  • Do not give the child tea or coffee
  • Maintain peace in the room and keep the atmosphere calm, noise can make it difficult for the baby to sleep.
  • Do not let the baby sleep alone as they may be afraid to be alone. Also, do not keep too dark in too many rooms.

If even after following these tips your child is not sleeping properly and is experiencing behavioral difficulties during the day or at school, you should consult a pediatrician. Avoid giving sleeping pills to babies, as they can have serious health effects.

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