World Prematurity Day -17th November 2022

November 17th, 2022 is observed as World Prematurity Day. Let us know the theme, importance, and significance of World Prematurity Day.

Significance of World Prematurity Day 

World Prematurity Day came first into existence on November 17th in the year 2011. It was focused on raising awareness for the millions of children every year who were born with prematurity. As many advancements and technologies are emerging in the medical world, many procedures have come into existence to prevent premature babies and preterm babies since 2011. 

World Prematurity Day Supports Premature Babies 

World Prematurity Day extends support for the overall normal development and raising of premature and preterm children. This day is observed, in view, to prevent high-risk factors, especially among pregnant mothers who are prone to preterm delivery of premature babies. Many of the risk factors for preterm delivery in pregnant women are avoidable and preventable with early detection in antenatal screening and lifestyle healthy modifications 

Preterm birth and premature babies complications 

As per research, it has been noted that premature and preterm babies still carry a huge vulnerability and constitute towards the development of health issues such as cerebral palsy, delay in development and milestones, hearing issues, sight problems, and mental issues like autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). To raise awareness and protect the future of babies, it is important to prevent preterm birth among pregnant females. The women in the pregnancy phase must be scrutinized well with antenatal screening and other precautionary measures to allow the birth of healthy babies without any complications. 

5 Things to Pause and Prevent Premature births 

Here are 5 important things which will help prevent premature births.

  1. It is important to ensure full-term pregnancy and some of the important organs like brain and lungs develop at the last week of pregnancy for the baby 
  2. It is important to ensure  all newborn babies must be fed with their mother’s milk as it is a very important source of growth and development for the baby. 
  3. It is important to prevent gestational issues during pregnancy such as hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and folic acid deficiency for better development and growth of the child in the womb. 

World Prematurity Day is observed to show compassion and support for families who are experiencing anxiety and tension related to premature births. World Prematurity Day was created by March of Dimes to express love for newborn babies from the moment they step into this world. World Prematurity Day reminds us that babies born early may face healthcare challenges as they grow up and it is important to address these issues with care, attention, and love toward them. Let us hold hands together for these little ones who need loads of love and care. World Prematurity Day is a chance to express love and care for premature babies across the globe. 

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