Positive changes for mental health for Seeking happiness informed by Dr. Rahul Kansal

Dr. Rahul Kansal informs the real science and need of happiness post COVID. He explains some important mental changes that can be brought about in life and make you more content and release the happy hormones. Learn the real essence of happiness with Dr. Rahul Kansal

Happiness Happens Day is all about having unlimited amounts of happiness. This is a day about sharing one’s happiness and bringing a lot of joy to other people’s lives. This day was founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People to spread the joy of being happy and persuade people to look on the brighter side of life.

As per World Happiness Report released in 2019, India has slipped to 140th rank out of 156 countries surveyed. India's ranking is continuously going down during the past few years – 2019(140), 2018(133), 2017(122), 2016(118), and 2015(117).

Dr. Rahul Kansal has obtained medical experience at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, and David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, USA. He is a qualified mental health professional who advocates positive psychology and adequate mental health services to the people who are not able to utilize it due to STIGMA. He practices at Kansal Hospital- General Hospital & Neuro-Science Centre

He specializes in:

* Neuro-psychiatric problems

* Psycho-somatic Medicine

* Chronic pain Conditions - Headache and Backache, Diabetic Neuropathic pain

* De-addiction

* Sex problems

* Sleep problems and eating disorders

* Memory Problems

* OCD and Anxiety Disorders

* Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorder)

 All you need to know about Happiness Happens Day 

Dr. Rahul Kansal says, “ Happiness is more than just the absence of psychiatric disease. The concept of Happiness Happens Day is just not the absence of depression or anxiety. Any person not having a psychiatric disorder or clinical depression is not considered “happy.” There are chances that you might be going through stress and this is very normal for everyone. So, going through stress is not considered happiness. Anxiety and depression may not have developed but having stress does not allow you to stay happy. Happiness is beyond normalcy. There are many factors that involve happiness which include 

Cultural factors  Social factors  Economical factors  Equal distribution of Resources  Educational factors  Employment factors  Health access  Quality environment 

Happiness is the enjoyment of life.  

Mental health and happiness 

Dr. Kansal informs, “Mental health is directly linked to your happiness. Any person suffering from anxiety and depression is always worried and cannot stay happy. Happiness is related to serotonin levels which are called “Happy hormones.” Happiness is beyond clinical depression or anxiety. Just the mere absence of clinical depression and anxiety does not mean that you are mentally fit. Happiness is a healthy state of mind which allows you to enjoy whether it's a normal walk or eating which gives enjoyment to your life. This is the true meaning of happiness.  When you are overloaded with stress, and cannot release it, this may lead to depression and mental illness. Depression and happiness are poles apart. Being better than normal is called happiness. It is positive psychology and this is the concept of happiness. Move beyond normalcy and be happier. Other factors like - drug use, stress, and COVID  contributed to depression. COVID is adversity the entire world faces. The media news about COVID was always negative. People who have suffered losses due to COVID cannot completely avoid stress. Time is a great healer and it depends on a lot of factors such as - 

Personality  Environment  Activity or functionality like a phobia and chronic illness. Impact on mental health”

Happiness is a positive psychological state. “

Happiness and blood pressure problems 

Dr. Kansal informs, “Blood pressure is related to the autonomic nervous system. It is regulated by the brain in certain areas called the hypothalamus which is the seat of control of the autonomic nervous system. There are two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System - 

The sympathetic branch of the Autonomic Nervous System gets activated when are stressed which increases Blood pressure  The parasympathetic branch of the Autonomic Nervous System relaxes you and calms you 

Chronic stress increases the cortisol hormone which is the “stress hormone” and impacts the blood vessels and the blood vessels get narrower which results in the increase of blood pressure. The narrower the vessel, the BP is going to be higher. This process is called vasoconstriction. This releases certain chemicals which cause more stress. Reduce the stress levels and control BP.”

Scandinavian countries V/s Asian Countries 

Dr. Kansal informs, “The main reason and factors behind this are as follows- 

Availability of Resources  Ever-increasing Population growth  Community stance and participation  Political stability  Educational status  Social security for healthcare  Comparison with others  Novelty seeking like drugs  Lifestyle maintenance Sensitivity of youth 

Scandinavian countries can provide basic care by the government which makes them content and at ease to give a decent lifestyle.” 

Positive changes for mental health 

Dr. Kansal informs, “People are trying to shift abroad for jobs and studies to increase their value. Mental satisfaction is the need for hours. At an individual level, basic needs are a must. People who are in a better position should have a spiritual inclination. Do not keep chasing success. We have to be content with the money for basic needs, comfort, and luxury. There are other aspects in happiness- 

Joy in meeting people  Joy in giving  Community activities

The happiness index relates to social connections which should be strong and good. People are more isolated. We should indulge in community programs for common people like celebrations and sports activities. This releases stress. Life should be balanced in all aspects of work. You have 24 hours in a day which you should allocate like this- 

8 hours of work  8 hours of life for hobbies, work on yourself and your family 8 hours of sleep. 

This will help you manage stress”.  

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Dr. Rahul Kansal, Psychiatrist, Kansal Hospital- General Hospital & Neuro-Science Centre
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