5 things to keep in your mind for healthy heart

Healthy Heart Tips: To keep the heart healthy, you can try some easy natural solutions round the clock.

These days more cases related to the heart are being witnessed. To avoid heart disease, you should know the right way to keep it healthy. In today's time, due to increasing pollution, heart diseases are increasing. At the same time, due to increased cholesterol levels, there is a bad effect on the heart. The cholesterol level should be up to 100 mg per deciliter. Its deteriorating level affects the heart. In this article, we will talk about some easy ways to keep the heart healthy. 

  1. Increase the amount of water in the body

To keep the heart healthy, it is necessary to consume enough water. If you exercise without hydrating the body, then the blood will become thick and there may be a problem of clots. Along with this, due to exercising more than your capacity, there is stress. Arteries can become pressurized due to increased stress. 

  1. Get tested twice a year

You should get the necessary tests done on time to avoid heart diseases. Talking about common screening tests, you should get ECG, stress test, CT scan done on the advice of your  doctor for healthy coronary arteries. After 30 years, you should get tested at least twice a year.

  1. Workout 30 to 45 Minutes

Exercise should be done for 30 to 45 minutes daily. Apart from heart disease, through exercise, hypertension, diabetes, obesity can be avoided. If you are already a heart patient, then while exercising, keep in mind that you should avoid intense workouts. Apart from this, avoid lifestyle habits like not getting enough sleep, taking more stress and smoking etc.

  1. Reduce Unhealthy Fat

You should avoid unhealthy fats to keep the heart healthy. Consuming trans fat can increase cholesterol levels. High cholesterol can cause clots to form in the arteries. This increases the risk of stroke. Talking about healthy fats, it includes canola oil, olive oil, walnut oil, peanut butter etc.

  1. Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Eat fiber rich foods to keep the heart healthy. Fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of fiber. Their role is important in keeping the heart healthy. Apart from this, you should also consume whole grains. Whole grains also contain a good amount of fiber, which helps in keeping BP control.

To keep the heart healthy, you should consume fiber rich foods, reduce unhealthy fats, exercise for at least 45 minutes daily and drink enough water.

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