All you need to know about WINTER WEIGHT GAIN

Winter weight gain is one of the common winter blues which everyone experiences. Here we have enlisted some quick solutions on how to tackle winter weight gain.

Winter weight gain is real and common among people, especially during Christmas and New Year time. It has been proven by research that the winter season may show a slight weight gain in many people. Some tiny weight fluctuations may cause no harm, however, major weight gain can impact overall well-being. For this, it is important to understand the causes and reasons behind weight gain issues during the winter season.

Top causes for winter weight gain 

Here are the top reasons behind winter weight gain- 

  • Increased calorie intake during the festive season which includes Diwali, Christmas, and New Year. 
  • Sedentary lifestyle as people become more lazy and sleepy during winter 
  • Lack of physical exercise during winter months due to which people become dormant 
  • Hunger pangs which lead to more excessive eating 
  • Winter may bring in more problems of pain such as leg pain or joint pain 

This can be a result of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is also known as “Winter Blues.”

Quick solutions to control winter weight gain

Here are quick solutions to control weight gain

Watch calorie intake 

It is important to watch calorie intake which is very crucial. This can be achieved through portion control. This can be done by using small food plates, cooking diet meals, keeping in stock healthy munchies, and drinking water before meals to curb the increased calorie intake. Remember to count your calories. 

Opt for nutritious food 

If you are looking to lose weight, it is important to opt for nutritious foods like fiber-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, and fish are some of the foods that can help you stay full longer by not affecting your weight at all.

Include physical active

Whether it's summer or winter, staying active should be your top -priority. Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause major weight gain issues which can ruin your health. Get started with a short walk or gym or Zumba or yoga class to stay active. 

Control cravings

Cravings are normal for everyone during the winter season. This may sometimes lead to binge eating. It is important to choose foods wisely and stay away from processed surgery foods and opt for fruits, nuts, and seeds. 

Stay hydrated

We tend to skip water intake during winter months. Due to cold weather, there is a lack of thirst as compared to the summer months. It is important to remind yourself to drink plenty of water. This helps you control unhealthy cravings. 

Focus on these solutions to keep winter blues and winter weight gain at bay. 

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