Anatomech's wearable tech adds mobility and joy to people's lives

Lymphedema is a result of mastectomy that affects 40% of all breast cancer survivors. It leads to immobility and dependence on others. Anatomech with its revolutionary and werable solution is challenging Lymphedema.

Of the 1,06,000 women that undergo breast cancer surgeries, 65,000 have the risk of developing lymphedema. Lymphedema is a result of mastectomy that affects 40% of all breast cancer survivors. Globally, 2.5 million women are suffering from lymphedema and are losing many disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) because of it. This condition makes women unable to participate in economic or social activity. It physically restricts them. 

In 2018, Divyakshi Kaushik got the opportunity to be a part of the BIRAC Social Innovation Fellowship. Here she was exposed to the problems of healthcare, particularly of the patients suffering from lymphedema. She used her background in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and her knowledge of rehabilitation post-injury by being a state-level tennis player in the creation of Anatomech in 2020. She was deeply interested in human physiology and her experience in sports injuries made her realise the importance of it. 

Anatomech is a Pune-based venture that offers wearable technology to help human mobility that had previously been affected either by accident, surgery or strenuous activity. Under ther brand KUE, they offer 2 SKUs. Mild graduated compression socks help push the blood up the leg and reduce oedema i.e. swelling and pain. This product was lab tested for 18-21 mmHg medical-grade compression. It is useful not only for sportspeople who meet injuries often but also for desk job workers who have swelling due to an immobile lifestyle. It can also be used by the elderly, pregnant women and can treat medical problems like varicose veins.

Their Lymphedema Compression Sleeve is a patent-pending wearable technology that helps reduce the size and weight of the Lymphedema condition by 85%. Their daily wear, compression sleeve offers 10 to 12 hours of lymphatic drainage while getting completely concealed under regular clothing to avoid the stigma that the patients may suffer. It also took away the need of being dependent on others. 

The venture was incubated at NCL Innovation Park and has been granted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and BIRAC. They were a part of Qualcomm India’s QWEIN cohort. With only 25 certified Lymphedema therapists in India, will Anatomech be able to fill this huge gap?

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