Link between diabetes management and good sleeping habit

Read on to know the direct link between sleep routine and diabetes management

Everyone needs good sleep, but it’s particularly more important when you have some metabolic syndrome like type 2 diabetes. Getting inadequate amounts of sleep can negatively impact blood sugar levels both in the long and short term.

Too little sleep puts exertion/stress on your body, causing it to release hormones, including cortisol. Cortisol increases insulin resistance and increases blood sugar levels. On the other hand, too much sleep may also pose health dangers for people with type 2 diabetes. According to a study, individuals with diabetes who slept more than seven hours had an elevated risk of dying early, compared with those who got a full seven hours.

The following tips can ensure that you are getting adequate sleep with diabetes management also.

Get tested for sleep apnea – Diabetic people are mostly obese. When you’re overweight and have excess fat in your neck, it can cause sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing starts and stops while you’re asleep. This abnormal breathing during sleep affects the body’s oxygen supply and leads to lower-quality sleep. Symptoms of sleep apnea include loud snoring, excessive sleepiness during the day, irritability, and morning headaches. 

Practice good sleep hygiene - Many people don’t allow themselves adequate time for sleep but if you have chronic conditions like diabetes, plan for adequate sleep. Do not overdo your naps. Keep it relatively short. 

Keep a regular bedtime - When your sleep schedule is consistent, it helps your body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm) work best. Having a regular routine for the time you go to bed and the time you wake up — on both weekdays and weekends is best for a good sleep cycle.

Avoid watching phones before bedtime - Exposure to bright light even from a smartphone not only disrupts sleep but can also alter your metabolism and mess with your weight. Shutting off electronic devices at least 30 minutes – 1 hour before bed is advisable. Keeping the bedroom dark will help you sleep better.

Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime - Alcohol affects blood sugar levels. Alcohol impairs the release of glucose into the bloodstream, and it takes about two hours for your body to completely metabolize any alcohol you’ve consumed. Stopping alcohol consumption four hours before bedtime is advisable.

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