‘’Digital consultation does not have the same impact as the physical ones,’’ says Kishor Dharmy, Personal Fitness trainer

“There are many myths related to work out and diet like 70% is your diet and 30% is your workout but I disagree with this because it should be 100% of your diet and 100% of your work out there has to be a balance of both,” says Kishor Dharmy, Personal Fitness trainer.

     National Personal Trainer Awareness Day is observed every year on January second with a day to honor the experts who assist us with keeping our goals high. 

As the new year begins, one of the most popular resolutions of every year is getting fit, and hence comes the popular demand for personal training comes for the rescue. Their tasks are not exclusively to inspire us, yet to ensure we figure out how to function our bodies securely. As much as lack of motivation keeps us from our goals, the inappropriate use of equipment can lead to injuries which again can become a reason for getting demotivated. 

So we have for you an exclusive series about the Best Personal Trainers sharing their views on fitness and health.

Kishor Dharmy is an experienced Personal Fitness trainer.

Focus on diet, workout, and then supplements

Kishor sheds light on the subject, “Whoever comes to me to achieve their fitness goal, I explain them to first fix their nutrition and diet, then training and the last thing would be supplements as these days we are not getting enough nutrition and few other things like some are unable to have like chicken, fish, omega 3, etc. Also, there are many myths related to work out and diet like 70% is your diet and 30% is your workout but I disagree with this because it should be 100% of your diet and 100% of your workout, there has to be a balance of both. Fitness is necessary for everyone, it’s just that few people are serious and most of them are not, they wait till they fall sick, once they get any illness is when they start taking care of their body, which is unfair so it is important that each one should do one activity a day which can be as simple as running, walking, swimming or playing any sports, even though they are busy” he says.


Do not be in a hurry

Kishor explains, “There is no need to hurry to achieve one’s fitness goals, one should go on gradually. If people follow a crash diet, they’ll achieve their goals quickly but it would not be a long-term change. The best suggestion is to follow well-balanced nutrition and a dedicated workout plan,” he says.

No right to play with someone’s life

Kishor sheds light on the subject of how can the health and wellness industry work authentically as there are so many quacks, “ My request to each and everyone who is in this industry is to not play with others life, no one has the right to play with their clients or others life. For clients, my request is to use their own mind, do some research and even then you are confused, make sure to ask for help from an expert in the said field,” he says.

Something is better than nothing

Kishor explains why digitalization is a need, “Something is better than nothing and there is a lot of difference between digital training and physical training as digital consultation does not have the same impact as the physical ones,” he says.

(Edited by Rabia Mistry Mulla)


Contributed By: Kishor Dharmy, Personal Fitness trainer
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