Fond Solutions will help your pets gain optimal health

Bangalore-based Fond Solutions has the perfect way to take care of your furry friend. Read to know more.

Overeating is a problem that not only affects us but also our pets.

A leading cause of death in urban pets is overfeeding. The problem turns grave when your cat mistakenly eats your dog food and vice versa.

This problem was faced by batchmates and students of Electronics and Communication at PES University. Together Pallavi Gopinath, Prarthana Bhat and Vismaya Nagendra created Fond Solutions.

They had 2 pets - Ksheera the dog and Dora the cat. Often times the cat would eat the dog food and multiple treats resulting in weight gain. On the other hand, the dog’s walk was reduced due to neglect. 

They then came up with a wearable tech that offers deep insights into your pet's health and fitness. Their 2 devices, Foodie and FlufFit, provides real-time fitness analysis for your furry friend. Both the devices work together as a system to enable remote monitoring of pets when the owner has to be out either for work or for leisure.

FlufFit is a wearable collar that helps track your pet’s activity, temperature, location and other vitals. The device provides regular updates to you via an app. This tracker helps understand your pet’s key vitals and can help alert you with necessary updates. 

Fond’s Foodie on the other hand is a controlled feeder that enables the right quantity of food based on the analysis provided by FlufFit. It claims to be India’s first smart automatic dry food dispenser that is compatible with almost all famous food brands available in India.

The Bangalore-based venture has received $140,000 from Pesu Venture Labs.

The devices work in synergy to help you take the best care of your pet. Just like humans, where prevention is the best cure. The same rule applies to our beloved pets. Taking their optimal care will result in their optimal health. 

This all-women led venture with its products offers to take away your stress and help you enjoy quality time with your pet.

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