Elbow plank tones your arms, abs and reduces belly fat

▴ Elbow plank
It is one of the toughest exercise that comes with great benefits.

It may look easy in the picture, but in reality, elbow planks are considered to be one of the toughest exercises of all. Elbow planks targets your core muscles helping get rid of belly fat, and also works to sculpt the area around your arms and shoulders.

It’s important to learn the exercise precisely or else you may end up with a muscle injury.

Get into a plank position with your elbows beneath your shoulders. Forearms on the ground, and your feet hi-width apart. Tighten your abs, raise your hips I the air keeping your arms stationary. Take small, alternating steps with your feet.

You can do a variation of Elbow planks with hand towels. Get into plank position, and keep a folded towel under each elbow. Slid your right elbow till tour arm is extended. Don’t let go of the plank position. Bring the elbow back and alternate with left elbow. Do this for 30 seconds every day.

The elbow plank strengthens your core muscles. It reduces belly fat. It is also effective on you arms and shoulders while you work on your abs.

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