A motivation journey of professional women entrepreneur - Aarti Kapila

The Backbone behind India’s Largest Chain of Dental Clinics “Clove Dental” is A must-watch video for every professional woman who dreams about being a women entrepreneur in this man’s world. Aarti Kapila is one of the most motivational women entrepreneurs to look up to as she sets high standards of professionalism and expertise.

Around the globe, 1/3 rd of entrepreneurial ventures are run by woman entrepreneurs. Due to economic progress, better access to education, urbanization, the spread of liberal and democratic culture, and recognition by society, there has been a spurt in woman entrepreneurship in India. Gradually but steadily, the world over, women entrepreneurs have emerged as successful entrepreneurs. 

Women-owned businesses enterprises are playing a prominent role in society inspiring others and generating more employment opportunities in the country. The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs is bringing a lot of change in the business and economic growth of the country. We at Medicircle are conducting the 'Top Women Entrepreneurs of Healthcare’, Series to showcase such inspirational female role models on a revolutionary journey.

Aarti Kapila is a Co-founder and Board Director at Osteoskill India Pvt. Ltd, a 3D- printed implant systems medical device company, and SSCULPTT Partners Inc. She has been the founding member of India’s largest dental chain ‘Clove Dental’ which is globally ranked 8th and employs the largest workforce of dental professionals in India. She has also been National Head of a startup ‘Corona Dental Labs’ and Strategic Advisor to various healthcare boutique organizations. 

She is a recipient of the Dr. Hari Prakash Merit Award for Community Dentistry in the Asia-Pacific region by the International College of Dentists, USA. She is also a Member of the American Dental Association, IADR, IDA, ISQua. 

Contribution of women entrepreneurs in healthcare 

Aarti Kapila says, “It was not intentional to be an entrepreneur and I was a practicing dentist. As an entrepreneur, my contributions to the healthcare industry are as follows- 

Co-founder in niche technology to make customized implants

These are patient-specific implants made for specific patients. These implants are tailor-made implants for patients with a certain fit. So the success rate becomes very high and failure rates go down. 

Founder member of India’s 8 th largest dental chain called “CLOVE DENTAL”

So, these were two major contributions as a health care entrepreneur.

Challenges and Benefits of being a health care entrepreneur

Aarti Kapila says, “As a woman entrepreneur, the unique challenge is stepping out of home for a woman. There are many people who think women are meant to be in the kitchen. As a women entrepreneur, you have 

More empathy  Work in a tight budget for a company

These are benefits that a woman entrepreneur brings to the industry. There are many research-based papers that women-led companies have progressed better as their approach to these companies is good. The challenges for me are to stand out in the dental industry as a graduate woman. I have used the same knowledge and professional skills to work towards the dental chain of clinics. I used those drawbacks that will tend to occur as my motivation. The benefits are running a successful business as a woman. When you tend to raise money for an organization from investors, they don't look favorable towards women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs are ones who can manage homes and offices very well.  Women entrepreneurs can do very well and are at par with the men entrepreneurs in the country. 

Message from an expert for Women Entrepreneur

Aarti Kapila says, “For every successful man, there is a woman behind it and for every successful woman there is a man behind it. There is a supportive family member like husband, brother, and father behind every woman. They give you encouragement to do what you do. For women, to create more job opportunities, we must employ more women and support them. Dentistry is one field where there are more women than men. It is equally tiring. We need to encourage our people that it can be done. These days families thought processes are changing.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Aarti Kapila, Co-founder and Board Director at Osteoskill India Pvt. Ltd
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