National Medical Assistants Day - October 19th, 2022

National Medical Assistants Day is an annual event observed every year on October 19th, 2022 to thanks all medical assistants providing a helping hand towards healing patients.

October 19th is observed as Medical Assistants Day. This is a great day to thank all the medical assistants who help in providing clinical and administrative support to clinicians, physicians, surgeons, doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals in the fraternity. On this special occasion, Medicircle aims at bringing recognition to Medical Assistants who have provided a great deal of support in patient and hospital care globally. So, let us check out the details on the history and significance of “National Medical Assistants Day.”

What is the National Medical Assistants Day?

National Medical Assistants Day is an annual event observed every year on October 19th, 2022 to pay gratitude and respect to medical assistants all over the world for providing timely assistance and support. 

Responsibilities of Medical Assistants 

The major responsibilities of medical assistants are as follows- 

  1. Support at clinics, and hospitals 
  2. Patient handling during hospital admissions and discharge
  3. Scheduling patient appointments 
  4. Collecting specimens for diagnostic test 
  5. Taking ECG, chest Xray, CT, and MRI scan 
  6. Front desk reception at a hospital or clinic

Roles of Medical Assistants

Medical assistants play a variety of roles in handling the patient care department. They are as follows- 

  • Front desk administrator 
  • Phlebotomy assistant
  • Allergy and sinus assistant 
  • Pediatric assistant 
  • Lab Assistant 
  • Radiology Assistant 
  • Physician’s assistant 
  • Dental assistant 

MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day Importance 2022 

MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day Importance 2022 is held on the third business week of Wednesday every October. 

Celebration of MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day 2022 

National Medical Assistants Day was an initiative by the medical AAMA to make people mindful and spread awareness about the medical profession and the duties imparted to society. It should be celebrated by everyone to express gratitude. 

History of MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day Importance 2022 

National Medical Assistants Day was first founded in 1980 by AAMA. It is supposed to be observed for the entire third week in October. 

Significance of MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day 2022 

Medical assisting career existed long before people started recognizing it as a prominent career option. In 1900, this career option took a great turn and people began to opt for it. It was through the formation of AAMA and under the leadership of its first present, Maxine Williams, that medical assisting was contemplated as a credentialed profession.

The Theme of MAR (Medical Assistant Recognition) Day 2022 

The theme honors medical assistants’ versatility and commitment to excellence, ensuring quality patient-centered health care. 

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