PACS and Teleradiology Leader Medsynaptic Now Fully Integrated with Zebra Medical Vision’s All-In-One AI1 Bundle

Zebra Medical Vision, the deep learning medical imaging analytics company, announces today its partnership with Medsynaptic Pvt Ltd, the leading PACS and Teleradiology company in India developing cutting edge Healthcare IT solutions.

Medsynaptic is constantly introducing innovation and new technologies in PACS (Picture Archival & Communications System) and Teleradiology space across India. The company’s flagship ‘Medsynapse PACS’ was the first in India to incorporate leading-edge technologies like Zero Footprint Viewer for mobiles and tablets, VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive), and data mining tools. As a result of this partnership, Apollo Hospitals, the largest hospital network in India, is now fully integrated with AI algorithms from Zebra-Med that are transforming the healthcare landscape and saving lives across the country.


In March 2019, the India government gave a significant boost for medical imaging AI implementation in India, giving the green light to a new initiative by India-Israel Innovation Fund (I 4 F). The funds were granted in order to validate, co-develop and deploy medical imaging Artificial Intelligence across India and to increase Tuberculosis (TB) screening capabilities in the rural areas.


“We’re honored to join forces with Dr. Ashish Dhawad and the Medsynaptic team in our mission to make AI accessible for patients across India, and to offer our scalable cloud based solution to one of the largest hospital networks in the world at once,” said Co-Founder and CEO Eyal Gura.


“Medsynaptic is proud to work with Zebra Medical Vision team to enable such a large scale, cloud-first AI deployment,” says Dr. Ashish Dhawad, Co-Founder and CEO of Medsynaptic. “Zebra-Med’s AI1 cloud based offering is the perfect fit for us as it leverages many of our core technologies such as zero footprint PACS and RIS and smart worklist.”


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