Now schedule your health check-ups at a much-discounted price with MediWheel

Everything including humans requires regular maintenance and care. We often take our car/bike for regular servicing, but why don’t we perform regular servicing of our health which is of utmost importance? MediWheel provides a solution to this. It offers a variety of healthcare services at a much-discounted price in just a few clicks.

Komal Dhoot Saraf is the Co-Founder and Vice President of MediWheel based in New Delhi. MediWheel is a platform for employee benefits and corporate wellness which allows companies to provide advanced physical and mental wellness tools to their employees. This includes Telemedicine, Cashless OPD, Family Doctor for Corporate, Annual Health Check-ups, HRA, and ePharmacies all with advanced Data Analytics and Digital Records.

The startup Mediwheel is trying to revolutionize and democratize healthcare in India. Only a few percent or the upper class get access to proper and complete healthcare. Effective healthcare is quite expensive in India. Healthcare in India is not affordable by the masses however the pricing of healthcare varies across Indian geography. 

Komal states. “MediWheel is aiming to be a leading health tech company providing wellness services to large corporates, MSMEs, and to retail customers.” 

MediWheel services

  • Pre-employment check-ups
  • Annual health checkups
  • Telemedicine helpline
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Specialist appointment
  • Epharmacy

“MediWheel also has a cashless OPD plan for all its services on a subscription-based model. These are available for the corporates, either paid by them or by employees or else shared. It helps you book all your health requirements in just a few clicks,” adds Komal.

Prime USPs of MediWheel

Komal explains, “MediWheel is a corporate-focused health tech company. The biggest differentiator is that we are completing the full life cycle of every transaction of each employee of every corporate. We provide health data with advanced analytics to improve outcomes or to recover speedily. It covers the entire cycle from consultation and data analytics to motivating you to maintain good health by following the corrective path.” 

MediWheel has a team of over 1000 doctors in PAN India. It has partnered with over 5000 hospitals and diagnostic chains PAN India. It also helps in generating data analytics. 

Komal says, “The test reports and doctor’s prescription has become a part of the digital health record. These are then put through the analytics, made into a readable format with the aim to complete the lifecycle for visible results of each employee and on a macro level for each corporate.”

The customer base of MediWheel

Komal informs, “We have currently touched over 5 lacs lives through our interactive web portal. We have offered our services to over 5 lacs people so far. We have partnered with over 40 corporates.”

The startup is completely bootstrapped and aims to grow organically. As it was started in the peak of COVID, initially, they helped over 1 lac people get vaccinated across the geography. 

Revenues of MediWheel

The startup generated revenue of 5 crores in FY22 and targets 10 crores for the current FY. 

Expansion plans

Komal mentions, “We have offices in 30 cities across India and partnered with various hospitals and diagnostic chains.  

MediWheel is aiming to bring the full lifecycle of health management and OPD products to the vast expanse of MSMEs and retail clients and make itself a trusted partner which will allow users to take charge of their health, data, and actions.” 

She expresses, “We are aiming to partner with over 400 corporates and touch 1 M lives in the coming years. 

Learnings for the aspiring entrepreneur

Keep challenging yourself, and keep aiming for greater heights. Learn from your daily work. Enjoy your work, it won’t look like work. 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Komal Dhoot Saraf, Co-Founder and CEO at MediWheel
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With a background in Pharmacy which is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry, I had the desire to mix creativity to these fields. Medicircle provides me an avenue to apply my training in science and interest in creativity together.

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