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EV Conference 24---Charging Up for e-mobility Minister Ponnam Prabhakar and Jayesh Ranjan among others to grace

Just 0.8% of the 1.6 crore vehicle population of Telangana is Electric Vehicles. TS is way behind Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and even ...
Jun 14

FLO organized a session with two of the top VCs in India on "The Journey of an Idea"

The founding team, culture, capability, and commitment make or break a startup: Subrata Mitra, VC who cracked the world’s most valuable e-commerce deal....
Jun 06

University of Birmingham Dubai invites applications for MEng Mechanical Engineering

Scholarship options at the University of Birmingham Dubai are designed to benefit all students and the financial rewards can be carried forward through the entire ...
May 28

Unqualified Doctors and Expired Licence: The Shocking Truth Behind Delhi's Hospital Fire

The loss of innocent lives due to negligence and lack of safety measures is unacceptable. Authorities must ensure that strict regulations are enforced to prevent ...
May 27

Air India Express ties up with AISATS for AeroWash Automated Aircraft Exterior Cleanings

We are thrilled to announce the extension of our AeroWash services to Air India Express, showcasing our unwavering dedication to sustainability and innovation in aviation....
Apr 19

Ensuring Public Health in Summer: Uttar Pradesh's Plan for Heat Wave Management

Keep track of weather forecasts and heat advisories issued by local authorities to stay informed about heatwave conditions and take appropriate precautions....
Apr 06

The Neurological Toll of Common Household Chemicals: Insights from Recent Research

As we navigate the complexities of modern living, it is essential to remain aware about the potential risks posed by everyday household items...
Mar 28

2nd Edition of Intl Conference on Shipping & Logistics held

Geopolitical tensions are badly affecting logistics: Logistics Industry Professionals....
Mar 22

Mastering Oral Health: Expert Insights for a Brighter Smile on World Oral Health Day

Dr. Mohan and Dr. Mitra emphasized the importance of regular dental care, proper brushing and flossing techniques, and maintaining a balanced diet for optimal oral ...
Mar 21

Endurance test of 47 all-terrain off-road electric buggies built by engineering students as part of their out-of-classroom learning held

Telangana was one of the first states to announce an e-mobility policy aimed at attracting Rs 32000 crore investments and creating 1.2 lakh ...
Mar 09

The honeymoon with IT jobs is over. Core branches of Engineering are back in demand: Experts

While most colleges withdrew core branches of Engineering, we at Sri Vishnu Educational Society gave more emphasis which is now paying: K V Vishnu Raju, ...
Mar 08

Celebration of Women in Mobility

If women can bear the excruciating pain of childbirth, they can do any job: Dr K.C. Vohra, Professor of Practice and AICTE-INAE Distinguished ...
Mar 08

A unique event called ‘BAJA SAE India 2024, which is the competition of design and fabrication of a single-seater all-terrain off-road electric buggy is underway

70 buggies each costing anywhere in the range of INR 4 to 12 lakh were built and are under inspection for the final endurance race ...
Mar 07

Celebration of Women in Mobility

To feature and recognize women leaders in the mobility sector and inspire and empower budding leaders to excel in their professional journey. The goal of ...
Mar 07

These girls are different. When every girl was turning right, they turned left.

It's like a vicious circle. Girls don't opt for Mechanical because there aren't enough girls there. And there aren't enough girls ...
Mar 06

A unique event called ‘BAJA SAEIndia 2024 kicked off

The 70 participating engineering college teams from across India are showcasing their All-Terrain electric buggies. The event comes for the first time to South ...
Mar 06

Foreign Engineering students will be part of future events of eBAJA SAEINDIA: Sanjay Nibandhe, Chairman, Organising Committee, BAHA SAEINDIA 2024

Renault Nissan Tech is aiming to improve the gender ratio from 17% to 50% in the coming future: Mr Hirotake Harada, Senior Vice President of ...
Mar 06

City’s BVRIT will be host to a unique event called ‘BAJA SAEIndia 2024

The 70 participating engineering college teams from across India will showcase their All-Terrain electric buggy. The event comes first time to South India, to ...
Mar 05

FTCCI organised a Trade interactive meeting with the CMD of TSSPDCL

FTCCI organised ​a Trade interactive meeting with CMD ​of TSSPDCL The state government will soon bring a new Electricity Policy: Musharraf Faruqui, IAS, CMD, TSSPDCL...
Feb 20

FTCCI organised a Trade interactive meeting with the CMD of TSSPDCL

FTCCI organised ​a Trade interactive meeting with CMD ​of TSSPDCL The state government will soon bring a new Electricity Policy: Musharraf Faruqui, IAS, CMD, TSSPDCL...
Feb 20

Çelebi Set to Elevate Passenger Experience as Cathay Pacific Resumes Passenger Flights to Chennai

Cathay Pacific has resumed its Hong Kong-Chennai route after a four-year hiatus, demonstrating its commitment to reconnecting with the Chennai market. Cathay Pacific ...
Feb 07

4th edition of E3 organised by IEEMA flags off in Kolkata

Over the next three days, companies from Eastern India will conduct focussed business meetings with large number of buyers. They will talk about their projects ...
Feb 07

Study of First Affordable and Rapid Test for Beta Thalassemia Performs at 99% Accuracy in Diagnosing the Blood Disorder

The published study reflects a breakthrough that we believe will lead to improved maternal care and help many more patients - including infants - through affordable, rapid, ...
Feb 05

Interim budget but has a long-term vision: Meela Jayadev, President, FTCCI on FM’s Budget

Budget Reactions from Industry in Telangana....
Feb 01

Flight to a Greener Future: Çelebi Aviation Recognized for Sustainability Leadership at Wings India Awards

Celebi has won the "Best Sustainability Champion - Service Provider Award" at the Wings India Awards 2024. This esteemed recognition is presented by the Federation of ...
Jan 31

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