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Mental Health Triggers - Treatment of Mental illness | Medicircle

Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta informs about the various treatments for different types of short-term and chronic mental illness. You can explore the benefits of ...
Nov 19

Dr. Rohan Bokdawala talks about identifying mental ill health and the need for its treatment

Dr. Rohan Bokdawala explains his valuable expertise in treating mental health issues with awareness and being empathetic instead of sympathetic with patients. He gives insight ...
Nov 10

1 thing that affects your mental health treatment - Medicircle

Mental Health problem is the 'elephant in the room' we often ignore. Learn from a consultant psychiatrist how ignoring mental health problems can cause severe ...
Nov 05

3 causes of mental health problems and 2 ways to cure it - Medicircle

A combination of psychological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural factors contribute to our mental well being. Here are 3 causes of mental health and the 2 ...
Nov 03

Causes and Issues of Mental Health, Treatment | Medicircle

Stay mentally fit is the need of the hour. Check out this video of Dr. Sumedha Tiwari featuring mental health tips. She informs that it ...
Nov 01

Understand what triggers mental illness and its treatment from Dr. Sneha Naik Samant

Mental health is very important. We all should create awareness regarding its need and importance. Read on to know some risk factors and treatment of ...
Oct 28

Learn how to tackle mental health problems like PTSD and PCSD

Learn about mental health disorders like PTSD and PCSD that are rising due to the pandemic from Dr Ankita Mishra. Know the prevention tips for ...
Oct 25

Risk of following a Keto diet you need to be aware of

An eating regimen good in healthy low carb nourishments, for example, avocados, nuts, and non-starchy vegetables give a bigger number of supplements than processed ...
Aug 18

Rice Bran Oil and its health benefits

Indians are genetically prone to heart disease and therefore one should take precautions to have a healthy heart....
Aug 13

Treating fatty liver with healthy food choices!

Caffeine seems to bring down the measure of abnormal liver enzymes of individuals in danger of liver diseases. ...
Aug 11

Consumption of Blueberries has shown to improve Mass and Function of Skeletal Muscles

Muscles diminish three to five percent consistently following 30 years old, and that rate increases over age 60....
Aug 11

What Is a Cataract and what are the factors that lead to it?

Cataracts can be caused due to overproduction of oxidants, that have been synthetically modified because of typical day by day life...
Aug 10

August is Vision and Learning Month!

Youngsters as often as possible don't understand there is anything amiss with their vision in the event that they have gotten familiar with it....
Aug 08

You should really stay away from these 'Healthy' food options

Science hasn't arrived at an unmistakable decision about whether GMO or non-GMO nourishments are more advantageous....
Aug 04

Learn how to read your Food Labels

Do you realize that producers can put 'whole grains' on the name regardless of whether there is a significant measure of whole grains in the ...
Aug 04

Unraveling the truth about food labels

Cholesterol is found in animal foods. So if you see 'No cholesterol' anything, remember that these items never contained cholesterol....
Aug 03

Is fat the sixth human taste?

Scientists believe that in addition to sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, there is a sixth taste ‘taste for fat.’...
Aug 01

All you need to know about Dyslexia

It generally influences word acknowledgment, spelling, and the capacity to coordinate letters to sounds making it progressively hard to perceive and spell....
Jul 30

How to keep your First - Aid kit in order for emergencies

A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies....
Jul 30

All about autism and what you can do to help

An establishment of the autism diet is the avoidance of artificial additives. These incorporate additives, colors, and sugars....
Jul 29

Dandruff and how can you treat it naturally?

About half of individuals have dandruff sooner or later in their life, yet it disappears inevitably for the vast majority of them, so don't ...
Jul 29

Constipation and regular approaches to fix it

Studies have demonstrated that prunes might be more effective than pysllium, say seven medium prunes, two times every day....
Jul 29

What does a healthy child really mean?

Youngsters mimic their parents, so it's imperative to set a genuine model. So be a good example for your youngsters....
Jul 28

All about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Children

Improving working memory limits with cerebrum preparing empowers a person to focus, oppose interruptions, oversee feelings better, and learn. ...
Jul 28

Which is the best Sleeping position for good health?

Sleeping on your stomach, back or side can have an effect on wheezing, manifestations of sleep apnea, neck and back pain, and other ailments....
Jul 27

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