Startups working for the mental health of Gen Z – Online Solutions to resolve problems of children and adolescents

Generation Z are popularly known as natives of the digital world. They have more mental health issues than previous generations. Mental health care providers are catering to them through the use of internet based technologies like audio, video, messages and chat interface.

A report in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry  states,  “At any given point of time, nearly 50 million Indian children suffer from mental disorders, and this number will increase if the adolescent population is considered as well,” The report goes on to mention,” Furthermore, it is estimated that about 9.8 millions of Indians aged 13–17 years suffer from serious mental illness which would be greater in number if the entire age spectrum of childhood and adolescence is considered. The full report can be accessed at Indian J Psychiatry. 2019 Jul-Aug; 61(4): 415–419. 

The negative impact of mental disturbances in children and adolescents would get huge if steps are not taken to curb the same. Since Generation Z are born on the lap of technology. There are technology driven mental health solutions for them which will help them use the services with complete ease and improve their coping mechanism with the modern day challenges that spoil their sense of well being.

ePsyclinic – It provides specialized therapies for holistic mental wellbeing of kids and adolescents through yoga, psychological counselling, meditation, career counselling, art therapy etc. It also provides specialized therapy for learning disabilities and has periodic assessments of youngsters to understand the progress of the therapies. ePsyclinic also has counselling desks at school. It works for preventive suicides in children by providing 24x7 counseling, group sessions and self-help books. More information can be gathered at -

nSmiles – It’s a number 1 app to help kids improve their emotional strength, build positive relationships, improve decision making and focus and help in building emotional and mental strength. Since mental wellbeing of kids is linked to their performance at school, the app helps them to build their motivation and concentration levels. It helps them combat loneliness and peer pressure and also relieves their anxiety of poor performance. By working upon their emotional and social skills, it prepares students for success at school and at future work. More information can be gathered at -

Since youngsters are tech-savvy they can be encouraged to use platforms like above and be in complete control of their mental wellbeing. As they are completely at home with internet based technology, inhibitions of use of such platforms would certainly be low and benefits of such mental health platforms would certainly be high.

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