The Ultimate 30 days Weight Loss Challenge

Ready for 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge? Before you get started, let us help you understand what a healthy weight is and what are the obstacles that cause hindrances to help your achieving weight loss.

Trying to fit into your special dress? OR maybe Waiting to attend a new party? Weight loss and good looks go hand in hand. Today, we are going to talk about weight loss challenges that are buzzing these days and making noise. I am sure after reading this, you will also be ready to take on a weight loss challenge. Let us help you get started with the weight loss challenge which is creating waves this season. Are you ready to take on the weight loss challenge? If your answer is yes, go ahead and read the article further to know more about weight loss right away. 

What is healthy weight loss?

Weight is about maintaining the correct body Mass Index. It's about fat loss and not muscle loss or bone loss. Yes, you need to get your vitamins and minerals right before you kick start with the weight loss challenge. Many of us just go in for overall weight loss and sometimes feel happy with it. Well, it is important to keep your belly fat in check. Belly fat may give rise to various health issues which will be difficult to deal with. So, focusing on weight loss is a must. 

What are the obstacles which hinder weight loss?

There are various obstacles that may hinder weight loss. They are as follows

  1. Chronic stress and tension 
  2. Chronic fatigue 
  3. Chronic infection 
  4. Suffering from health issues 
  5. Low immunity 
  6. Side effects of long-term medicines 
  7. Drinking too much tea and coffee 
  8. Lack of exercise 
  9. Sedentary lifestyle 
  10. Binge eating 
  11. Unhealthy eating 
  12. No physical movement 
  13. Lack of hydration 
  14. Hormonal imbalances 
  15. Thyroid issues 
  16. Gastric disturbances like constipation and indigestion 

Well, the list is endless. You need to detect the cause and try to rectify it and fix it at the earliest. Eliminating the cause will help in working from the root cause of the problem. 

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - Accepted?

Give yourself 30 days of a good healthy regime that will help you to lose weight the right way. Being dedicated is the right way to achieve your weight loss in 30 days FLAT!!! Let us help you get started 

  1. Get organized 
  2. Start working out in the morning 
  3. Do ground exercises 
  4. Cardio for 40 minutes is a must 
  5. Stay hydrated 
  6. Eat healthy nutritious foods 
  7. Choose nuts and seeds in your daily diet 
  8. Eat colorful vegetables 
  9. Have simple protein shakes 
  10. Take your supplements daily 
  11. Go gluten-free 
  12. Choose plant-based milk
  13. Say “No” to bakery items 
  14. Say “No” to packaged foods
  15. Say “No” to aerated drinks 

These 12 steps are a must for the 30-day Weight Loss Challenge. Trust me, as per experts you would not need any other fitness or nutritionist plans to achieve the challenge. 

So, get started right away with healthy weight loss and achieve the ripped abs which you have always been wanting and craving for. 

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