VROZART Health : The Pioneer in Medical Convenience with world class the treatments globally

Medicircle unleashes VROZART Health in delivering top-class services in the health care sector. VROZART Health brings healthcare at ease which helps you choosing treatments as per your ease and convenience

VROZART Health is India’s pioneering in medical convenience and making your life easy by giving you personalized touch in medical facilities 

VROZART Health is a medical convenience brand & a trusted name in healthcare, empowering patients to achieve a better life by facilitating their medical treatment with personalized end-to-end healthcare options & customized assistance.

VROZART Health helps in the following facilities to provide healthcare solutions to end-users at ease:

Second opinion In-hospital assistance Trained & caring nurse assistance  Medical reports management Priority admission to the hospital  Quote for treatment from hospitals Priority appointment with the doctor on arrival Assist in buying critical medicines at a cost-effective price Local guide person to assist  you to navigate across your location  Evaluate your case from highly experienced Doctors Assistance in post-treatment & follow-ups with Doctors

The VROZART Health Team does everything to make you feel at comfort and at ease by providing you top-class medical facilities-

Support Beyond Healthcare Your Personal Healthcare Partner  24x7 Support  Provide patient-friendly hotels  Post-treatment medical equipment  Language Interpreter Wi-Fi facility Visa Assistance Flight Ticket Assistance Special care assistance  Local & In Hospital Assistance  Interpreter Facility In-city taxi & travel assistance   Airport pick up and drop

VROZART Health Treatments

Vrozart Health offers world-class treatment for a range of medical & healthcare problems through its panel of specialists & surgeons and world-class medical infrastructure

Heart Surgery and IVF 

Angioplasty  Heart Bypass (CABG)  Angiography Valve Replacement  In vitro fertilization (IVF)  Surrogacy Egg and Sperm Donation  Egg and Sperm Freezing Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Cryopreservation

Knee Surgery

Both Knee Replacement  Single Knee Replacement  ACL Reconstruction Shoulder Surgery Shoulder Replacement  Shoulder Repair Transplant (Kidney, Liver) Kidney Transplant Liver Transplant Hip Surgery

Cosmetic surgery 

Cosmetic & Hair  Body contouring  Breast enhancement:  Facial contouring  Facial rejuvenation   Skin rejuvenation  Hair Transplant

Bone Marrow and cancer treatments 

Bone Marrow & Stem Cells Thalassemia Transplant  Pediatric Bone Marrow Autologous for Lymphomas - Bone Marrow Bone Marrow Myeloma  Cancer Treatment Chemotherapy  PET Scan Cervical Cancer Prostate cancer 

Neurological Treatment 

Epilepsy Strokes Spine Disorders Brain aneurysm Brain tumors SPINE SURGERY Spine Fusion Scoliosis Surgery Spine Tumor Surgery Spine Decompression Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery  Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement Cervical Spine Surgery

Why Choose VROZART Health

A trusted name for Healthcare in India.

Alliance with prestigious Hospitals across India Acclaimed Team of Doctors, Surgeons & Specialists Access to the recent upcoming Technology and Facilities Pioneer in Medical Convenience Personalized Guidance 24x7 support Transparent Pricing with no Hidden Cost Experienced & Committed Team Delivering Medical Convenience to Patients worldwide
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