World Trauma Day 2022 – The neglected disease of modern developing nations

Of all traumas, road accidents account for 22.8%. An estimate of around 400 people die in road accidents every day in India. These accidents can be prevented if people follow road safety rules along with traffic rules and regulations.

Do you know that traumatic injuries account for 9% of deaths around the globe? Did you know that these injuries cause more death to people below 45 years of age when compared to other chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, or Malaria? Road accidents are one of the leading causes of death in our country. An estimate of around 400 people dies in road accidents every day in India. Generally, any physical injury is termed trauma. A large number of these road accidents can be prevented if road safety rules are followed and people drive their vehicles following all the rules and regulations. If not treated well, this may result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

World Trauma Day

World Trauma Day is observed on October 17 each year with an emphasis on saving lives and how to properly attend to emergency cases. The day was initiated by India in order to minimize the incidences of frequent road accidents in the country. This day is also celebrated to educate people on how to attend traumatic incidents and deaths. World Trauma Day teaches us how to respond to medical emergencies and take care of traumatized victims. This also enlightens the need for standard and equipped trauma care institutions in every part of India. 

Road accidents in India

Road traffic accidents are increasing at an annual rate of 3%. A vehicular accident is reported every 2 minutes and a death every 8 minutes on Indian roads. A trauma-related death occurs in India every 1.9 minutes. 90% of all road traffic deaths occur in Middle and Low-Income Countries like India. In addition to mortality, a tremendous percentage of physical disability is seen after these kinds of road accidents. Of all traumas, 22.8% is transport related. Rest 77.2% comes from military operations, domestic violence, sexual harassment, agricultural-related trauma, intentional self-harm, natural disaster, terrorist attacks etc.

Facts about PTSD

Approximately eight out of every 100 people are bound to experience P.T.S.D. at some point in their lives. Women have higher chances of experiencing P.T.S.D. as compared to men. The duration of having P.T.S.D. is relative to the number of times a victim is exposed to a particularly traumatic incident. Close support is much better than sending love and care from far in case of traumatized victims. 

Preventive measures for road safety

  • Always go for the vehicle having suitable safety features
  • Avoid distraction, keep your eyes on the road
  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Do not cross the speed limit
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Avoid using phones while driving
  • Look out for blind spots
  • Maintain the minimum distance that has to be there between the two vehicles
  • Follow the traffic rules
  • Avoid driving when you are sleepy
  • Try to follow lane discipline
  • Look out for caution signs
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