9 Things you can do to increase your brain power

Physical fitness gets a lot of attention. But often neglected is mental fitness having a healthy and strong mind to allow you to handle the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you

Often people think that I wish I was as fast as the other person, my mind would also run faster than that, but it does not happen. No matter how much we eat or try external things that help in increasing the power of our brain, but if we do not do it at the right time, then perhaps our mind will not be as sharp as it should be. If you are tired of trying out external remedies and wondering how to increase your brainpower, then try out these remedies that increase your brainpower.

Play Chess - Scientists have proven that playing chess helps you use both your left and right brain. Most people use only one part of their brain, so try to play chess as and when possible.

Read as much as you can - You can read articles, books, magazines, comic books, anything. It trains your brain to love knowledge. So, whenever you get time, you can read any of these. 

Workout - Working out increases your memory. The more you can remember, the smarter you will be. Morning exercise of 30 minutes has got plenty of benefits. It can improve your mental power too. 

Keep an open mind - Don't fight over silly everything. Try learning new things and allow yourself to be challenged by a new experience. 

Eat well - Your satisfied stomach can help you stay calm and can think better. A hungry man is angry and an irrational thinker. So, don't stay hungry for too long.

Appreciate people - Appreciate the smart people around you and learn from them. By doing this your brainpower will increase and you will also get new information. 

Enjoy dating - Don't deprive yourself of pleasures like having a relationship and dating. Both of these keep us calm and make us happy from the inside. They help to secrete hormones that work well with thought and logic.

Midday naps - During the daytime, drink enough water and take mid-day naps or you can also play video games. It is not necessary that you should be always busy with your work, you can play a game or two before or in between work and keep your mind fresh.

Sleep well at night - Get a good quality sleep at night, never deprive yourself of sleep. If you work at night, then sleep during the day, by doing this your mind will remain calm because not taking proper sleep can disturb your brain balance.

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