A mental healthcare revolution with Trijog

Post-pandemic, people are more concerned about their mental well-being. Trijog brings about a revolution in mental health care. The founders of Trijog, Anureet Sethi, and Arushi are all set to bring about a global change with Trijog for people worldwide. Let us check out what is Trijog all about.


  • The National Mental Health Survey 2016 reported that 14%of India’s population requires active mental health interventions. A Lancet report of 2017 corroborated the same: 46 million cope with depressive disorders and 49 million with anxiety disorders.
  • Lancet report reported that the pandemic exacerbated the situation leading to a 26% and 28% rise in cases of anxiety and depression respectively. The sale of the top five anti-depression drugs saw a 23% increase between April 2020 to 2021.
  • There are 300+ mental health start-ups in India, of which 30+ start-ups have raised over $50M (cumulatively) in venture funding.

Anureet Sethi and Arushi Sethi are the Co-Founders of Trijog. Trijog is a mental-focused startup based in Mumbai. Trijog offers a range of counselling solutions for Individuals, Corporates, and Educational Enterprises globally. With a team of 40 psychologists, Trijog has successfully catered to over 33,500 clients & 21+ corporates

Journey of Trijog 

Anureet Sethi says, “As a founder of Trijog, I think Trijog has brought a mental health revolution by providing a lens to society for looking at mental health differently in India to the way it was viewed earlier. We provide solutions to all possible existing mental health issues and keep in mind that mental wellness is absolutely the biggest priority we have over anything. We also face different challenges in our life related to mental well-being. It's a platform that promotes that we accept and acknowledge healthy and unhealthy emotions and find strategies to deal with our behaviours and become mental wellness ambassadors ourselves. We are promoting 4 major platforms or verticals which are - 

  • One-to-one counselling for corporates and individuals 
  • Learning and development for corporates and individuals
  • Psychometric assessment for corporates and individuals
  • Training individuals to bring on the right kind of psychology.”

Why Trijog - Essence of Trijog

Anureet Sethi informs, “I owe gratitude to two women in my life who are the foundation of my success are my mothers -

  • A biological mother named Tripta 
  • Mother in law named Joginder 

By putting TRI & JOG together, they live in our lives forever. Trijog is also a “light to our satisfaction.” So, this is how Trijog's name came into existence.”

Aarushi states, “It's important to know how TRIJOG emerged to understand what TRIJOG is. 7 years back, I found myself in a life-and-death situation while being rescued back to India, I realized that I had the best person by my side, which is my mom. She was one of the renowned psychologists. But, who do all of us have? Mental health is been one largest epidemics that existed in mankind. There is no one institution or organization where you can go and seek quality-driven access to health. It became even more important to make sure that - 

  • Awareness- We are driving change and awareness and that is what Trijog did as an institution.
  • Access- No one was providing access to mental wellness to resonate and feel well in the atmosphere

Coming from a media background, I realized that this knowledge is so golden we have to take it out. Quality care became extremely important. Awareness and Acess became the extremely important foundations to build Trijog to make sure with 2 cornerstones which are as follows- 

  • We are holding the perception that we all have mental health
  • Quality and access to best of mental wellness.”

USP of Trijog

Arushi states, “Triyog turns illness to wellness. Our USPs would largely be 

  • Most quality-driven healthcare in the country
  • Doman expert of 37 years to impart it to all of us with Anureet Sethi
  • The entire team of experts with medical degrees and qualifications
  • Systematic, highly process-driven, well-controlled, and supervised system 
  • Ten times quality enriched service
  • Remarkable domain expertise. 

Anureet Sethi informs, “We have a very strong core with 37 years of service, experience, and learning. Trijog offers experience-enriched therapists with in-depth research for quality service for mental wellness. The next important quality of Trijog is that our treatment follows a properly structured system. It is not just an ad-hoc. At Trijog, we are - 

  • Well-planned with a timely approach
  • Individualized plans 
  • Well-supervised
  • Confidentiality maintained 
  • Health issues shared with a senior therapist for resolution of the biggest and most complex issues 
  • RCI certified with standard norms
  • Associated with World Federation of mental health.”

What Sets Trijog Unique?

Arushi says, “ The 4 USP for Trijog which makes us extremely unique are- 

  • Domain expertise 
  • System of processes of onboarding, recruiting processes, and quality management 
  • Accreditation which includes national and international
  • Certified body.”

Research on mental health issues like anxiety and depression 

Lives Touched So Far 

Arushi states, “We have emotional first aiders at Trijog who are the first people to get connected with before connecting with psychologists. This brings confidence in people who connect with us. During covid, we saw numbers rise immensely. Our business grew 2 times in covid which includes not only individuals but also corporates business. A lot of people started to reflect and seek help during covid for answers to mental wellness. With our systematic approach, we were able to bring online and digital access to everyone in pan India with the click of a button. We also ran a campaign during covid which was free of cost to get the right help that they needed.

We have touched 2 million lives for therapy with 7 million lives for awareness. We have worked with 150 corporates and this is just the beginning.”

Anureet Sethi says, “The online platform added to the beauty and magic of receiving therapy even under closed doors. Walking to the therapist's doors is not easy. However, when you are at the click of a button at your home, especially with a pandemic, it is easy to reach out worldwide. 

Accessibility and affordability of mental health care with Trijog 

Arushi emphasizes, “We are extremely easily accessible. You can go to our website at www.trijog.com and drop in an inquiry to request a call back from our customer care division and receive a call from our team. Access is the door that is fully open and our services are available 7 days a week offline and online. 80% of our business is digital. We have used digital platforms to raise awareness via campaigns, collaborations, and associations. Trijog is a changemaker to serve you to heal and feel better. We are one of the most affordable healthcare channels in India right now. Our therapy starts at 1500 Rs with quality therapy at 5000 Rs depending on the severity of your case.”

Expansion Plans and goals for Trijog

Anureet Sethi says, “Sky is a limit. Trijog belongs not just with me but with the future generation. Both my children are making sure Triyog reaches worldwide. We have our verticals into corporates, offline and online. We have expanded in the last 3 years which is phenomenal. Thanks to the younger generation, which has more ideas. 80% of your business is online than offline. We are so accessible and that is why we are growing and becoming even better every day now.” 

Arushi says, “Our growth points at Triyog are - 

  • Steady, Sustainable, Superior quality work 
  • Pan India and globals services online
  • Continue to grow in Product portfolio with one-to-one counseling, corporate counseling, training, and development

Our goal is to dominate the market in India which we are already doing. Today, we are seen in the top three, and in near future, we will be number 1.”

Challenges and Experiences 

Anureet Sethi says, “There was never a plan that my children would move into psychology. Many parents want their children to become doctors and engineers and architects. But, both my children watched me carrying out human service. I was talking and walking psychology and known as “psychologist mother.” So, when the time came, it was first when Arushi joined me due to her own life events which brought her into TRIJOG. That's how the company began. I have been always working for the last 37 years. When Aarushi came in, the inception of Trijog became stronger. Today’s individuals and children are very strong-minded and very sure and focused on what they want to do. This also made me more focused on their support. We initially did have a difficult time acknowledging this. They are mental health propagators and champions of mental health but for me, they are always my children. Right now, we are operating in total balance with each other.”

Arushi says, “It is about bifurcating your roles. I identify myself as a businesswoman and Anureet identifies herself as a professional and Sehaj is the CEO who manages the operations. When your role and virtual do is bifurcated, you learn better how to cope and help complement each other to let the space grow rather than take away from it. Working with the family will always have challenges. The true triumph is working through challenges and not letting the challenge get the better of you. That is what Anureet has taught us every single day of our life.”

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani

Contributed By: Anureet Sethi & Arushi Sethi, Co-Founders of Trijog

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