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51 passengers from Delhi quarantined in Guwahati

Out of 130 passengers who arrived at Guwahati,swabs of 51 people was identified as contaminated...
May 14

PM Cares Fund : Rs.3100 crores to be used on COVID-19 fight

Rs 1,000 crore allotted for migrant workers will support States for providing food, shelter, medical treatment, and transport...
May 14

DST initiatives to protect Divyangjan and Elderly

PSG College of Technology...
May 14

BMC for the 7th time revises its testing protocol

Thousands of essential service workers in Navi Mumbai, including those in hospitals, are allegedly being forced to figure without safety gear during this pandemic...
May 14

KVIC starts investing in local companies

KVIC adopts vocal for local strategy announced by PM Modi...
May 14

Total Coronavirus positive cases cross past 78,000 mark in India

Death toll climbs to 2549 in India...
May 14

28 persons tested positive in Lucknow for Covid19

Lucknow and all districts affected in Uttar Pradesh with Covid19...
May 14

Bhagalpur Smart City innovates to fight Covid19

Bhagalpur uses IEC technology to fight coronavirus...
May 14

India Covid19 News Updates 14th May

News update on Coronavirus situation in India. ...
May 14

Measures for relief and credit support to fight Corona: FM

FM yesterday detailed the finance bail out package to fight Coronavirus effect ...
May 14

Vande Bharat Mission and other News Updates 14th May

Vande Bharat Mission brings back 550 passengers while Railway cancels passenger trains till June 30th...
May 14

ICICI Bank stands by the Karnataka Goverment to fight COVID-19 pandemic

This list includes protective equipment to district administrations, municipal corporations police forces. The list includes 66,000 surgical masks and 2,300 litres of sanitizers. ...
May 14

WHO says serious investment needed to avert mental health crisis

Post Covid 19 mental health crisis to go up WHO...
May 14

UAE Covid 19 News Update May 14

Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, official spokesperson of the UAE Government,updated the latest covid 19 statistics...
May 14

Mayo Clinic Collaborates With Ultromics to check COVID-19

Mayo Clinic collaborates for rapid assessment of Covid19 patients...
May 14

7th Emirates Physio 2020 Conference Goes Virtual

Physio 2020 conference has decided to run the event as a virtual event from 12 – 13th June 2020....
May 14

Vizag API Facility of Lupin receives EIR from USFDA

The inspection for the API facility was conducted by the US FDA between January 13, 2020 and January 17, 2020....
May 14

Clinical testing of remdesivir with baricitinib for COVID-19 begins

Investigators currently anticipate enrolling more than 1,000 participants...
May 14

Parallel testing of multiple COVID-19 vaccine is key: NIH experts

The authors note that more than one effective vaccine approach likely will be required to successfully protect the global community from SARS-CoV-2, the ...
May 14

France on Sanofi's Biggest Vaccine Orders For US First

May 14

Abbott's COVID-19 Test Hailed By Trump Missed Positives

The White House was shaken last week when two staffers tested positive for the virus. Four officials who have been tested said the White House ...
May 14

Coronavirus "May Never Go Away," Warns WHO

As some countries around the world begin gradually easing lockdown restrictions imposed in a bid to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading, the WHO said ...
May 14

Uber To Require Face Masks For Drivers, Riders

The new policy to be effective Monday will require drivers in many markets to use selfie pictures to certify they are wearing masks before going ...
May 14

Boeing To Deliver More Than 1,000 Missiles To Saudi

A first contract, worth $1.97 billion, is for the modernization of SLAM ER cruise missiles as well as delivery of 650 new missiles "in ...
May 14

Coronavirus Capable Of Spreading Through Speech

Researchers at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) had a person loudly repeat the phrase "Stay healthy" for 25 seconds ...
May 14

Ferrari Helps Design Low-Cost Ventilator

The ventilators are produced using easily available materials at a lower cost than currently available pulmonary ventilators...
May 14

World's 1st Coronavirus Computer Social Distancing Game

Richard Wiseman, the creator of the game, said research showed that games which encourage positive social behaviour can influence people's actions in the real ...
May 14

Halodine Shows Rapid Antiviral Activity Against COVID-19

Halodine Nasal and Oral Antiseptics Show Rapid Antiviral Activity Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) ...
May 14

Merck Innovates Breakthrough in Cancer Care

Breakthrough Innovation in Cancer Care From Merck Pipeline to Be Presented at ASCO 2020 ...
May 14

Takeda Announces Financial Results for Past Year

Takeda Accelerates Transformation: Solid FY2019 Results, Confidence in FY2020 Growth Momentum ...
May 14

Maharashtra Govt Permits 65000 Industries to Resume Operations

Maharashtra govt permits 65 thousand industries to resume operations; over 9 lakh employees reported ...
May 14

COVID-19 News Update : Jammu & Kashmir, AP, Assam

Latest COVID-19 News Update : Jammu & Kashmir, AP, Assam...
May 14

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