Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 24 -Diet for Healthy ageing

Karishma Shah and Dr. Jolly Shah give their advice on healthy skin and hair. Some valuable tips in this interview will help you to defeat aging and get that glow for healthy skin all your life. A perfect combination of advice on skin treatments and a diet that can keep you healthy and improve vitality for your body.

Successful longevity is an important part of healthy aging that is influenced by diet, nutrient intake, or lifestyle throughout life. It affects the overall health, physiological or functional changes associated with the aging process. Proper nutrition not only reduces or prevents the risk of chronic diseases but also plays an important role in the healthy aging process. Proper nutrition plays an important role in managing serious diseases and fulfilling nutritional needs.

Nutritional needs vary according to gender or age. We all should know our specific nutritional requirements and accordingly, we should adjust our food choices so that we can make our body healthy for old age.

According to a survey conducted by the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB), daily intake of all foods except cereals and millets (396g) in Indian households is lower than the Recommended Dietary Allowances or RDA. The average consumption of different types of pulses, which are considered important sources of protein, was less than 50% of the RDA. T

The use of green leafy vegetables and other vegetables is inadequate in the Indian household, which are rich sources of micronutrients such as beta carotene, folate, riboflavin, and iron.

According to a study, the majority of the children in the 6 months – 5 years age group in India (70%) are anemic. 3/4th population of women in India is anemic. Nutritional anemia is the cause of 24% of maternal deaths as well as the low birth weight of newborns in women of our country. Its direct effect falls on the growth and development of adults and children.

At Medicircle, we are presenting the Ask The Expert Series for health awareness to understand facts and find solutions related to them. We have come up with a series of Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath. Let’s interact with Expert Karishma Shah about healthy aging

Karishma Shah is a Renowned Nutritionist and Plant Diet based Food Coach. She is also a Weight Loss Expert, Diabetes and PCOS Educator & Certified in Psychology of Eating

Dr. Jolly Shah is an Aesthetic Dermatologist and Confidence Coach. Dr. Jolly is a Medical Director at Skin Nurture Aesthetic Skin hair laser clinic, Mumbai. She has 21+ years of rich experience. Her expertise is - Acne, Hair, Lasers. Dr. Jolly has received the Professor Handa Award for work on 'Diffuse Hair Loss'. Many of her publications have been published in Indian Medical Association journals.

Diet foods for healthy aging 

Dr. Jolly Shah informs, “The aging process starts from birth. Diet at every stage is important. A balanced diet at every stage of life is very important. We always say that food that is terrific for the tongue is terrible for the stomach or skin. Ladies and children should consume iron-rich foods like pulses and green vegetables.”

Karishma says, “We tend to neglect our foods after a certain age. Every age has its own process and it is visible on the face, hair, and activity levels. 

One common pattern about women is that they start neglecting their overall needs after a certain age. There is mental retirement after marriage in women which will affect their confidence levels, decision-making skills, and life. After 40 - 45 years in women, they don't take care of themselves and look after other family members. They tend to skip meals and eat common things for dinner. They tend to avoid paying attention to the fitness and nutrition that they need. Please don't avoid things that are needed for a healthy mind, body, and soul which is important.

Antioxidant foods are a must and are high in nutrients. This reduces the stress levels and there is glow and vitality on your skin. Lots of micronutrients come into play here like - 

Vitamin C in citrus fruits  Do not consume more alcohol or caffeine as this decreases the absorption and assimilation of vitamin C. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. This will change the overall pattern of skin, hair, and body when it comes to aging. This will reverse aging 

Vitamin E capsules V/s Vitamin E diet 

Dr. Jolly says, “Think before what you do and consume in your body. Do not take vitamins blindly without a prescription. Vitamin E is available in food and diet naturally. There is much scientific evidence that proves this fact. It is difficult to know that the aging process is slow.”

Premature aging 

Dr. Jolly says, “Prevention is better than cure. These are important points that you need to take care of about premature aging - 

Diet - Eat healthy food  Stress- Avoid the stress with yoga and meditation Ointments and applications- Retinoids products

There is a difference in the aging process of fair and dark skin. The aging process gets affected when we skip our food and eat unhealthy food. Also, due to pandemics, the work from home culture has led to more exposure to blue light which leads to wrinkles and an aging pattern. It is important to take care of your skin with various treatments and procedures - 

Peels  Polishing  Skin tightening  Resurfacing  Vampire facials  Platelet-rich plasma treatment  Botox fillers

Also, with these treatments, you need to take care of smoking which increases the aging factor. 

Anti-aging products

Karishma Shah says, “There are a lot of treatments and one should take advantage of the advent of technology. The young age is very impressionable at the moment with easy access to Instagram, Facebook ads and so many products. After the age of 30 - 35 years, you can do every treatment. Increase the longevity of treatment by taking care of yourself. You need to take a diet and exercise along with treatment. That’s the only way you can sustain everything. Just topically applying creams and ointments and not taking care of yourself can affect you internally. In the case of PCOD or PCOS, there are internal problems and external problems on the skin like acne. Just using creams on the skin cannot help. “Less is more.” The lesser products you use, the better it allows your skin to breathe. Make-up is also a common thing among young girls. Don't start young, start taking care of your skin in natural ways. Use homemade remedies like - 

For dry skin - use ghee or coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel  For oily acne-prone skin - use ice once or twice a week  Use oil and moisturize your hair regularly  Adapt simple things first and then switch to treatments 

Can diet reverse skin aging? 

Dr. Shah says, “Skin is a mirror. What is going on internally is reflected outside. If your diet, the mind is not proper, it will reflect on your skin. If you want to avoid this and slow down the process of aging, then the diet can also help along with exercise. The use of processed foods and fasting can cause major skin. Changes in diet can help reduce the sign of aging. If there is a lack of collagen and elastin in the skin, then it is difficult to rebuild with foods and diet. A balanced diet is important in such a case. These are important things to bear in mind to reduce aging - 

Processed foods  Junk foods  Processed Sugar Replace with healthy options like fruits, juices, pulses 

All you need to know about foodborne antioxidants 

Karishma Shah says, “Food-borne antioxidants have high antioxidant power which is good for healthy skin and glows. For example, Wine is rich in antioxidants. It helps in delayed skin aging. But, there are other foods as well- 

Cashew nut  Fruits like banana  Coconut  Seasonal fruits pomegranate, black Jamun, mango,  Berries like amla, kokum, star fruit  Dal rice  Omega 3 fatty acids like flax seeds Millets  Avocado  Pomegranate seeds instead of juice is better  Sweet potato Purple yam  Arbi  Pumpkin 

These food products help in reducing stress due to incorrect lifestyles. This leads to a lot of oxidation in the body and antioxidants food break this chain of oxidation. Antioxidant foods help in improving the aging process. This is very good for skin, hair, and the body and helps in anti-aging.  

Main factors for skin aging 

Dr. Shah says, “The main factors for skin aging are - 

Time Stress  Smoking  Sun exposure  Stress  Improproper food Diet  Exercise  Weight  Underlying disorders like diabetes and thyroid  Mobile devices light 

The best antioxidant of fruits is mango and it has a great sun protection effect. It has anti-aging benefits.”  

Tips for healthy skin to prevent aging 

Dr. Jolly shah informs, “ If you want to get suppleness back in your skin, increase intake of protein. Skin, hair, and nails are formed with protein structures. Using home remedies like mashed ripe papaya is also beneficial for the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A & C which will give suppleness and skin glow. There are other treatments from simple non-invasive serums to peels that can help prevent aging. It is important to give a holistic approach to diet for healthy aging. 

Healthy tips for youngsters 

Karishma states, “ If you cannot take care of yourself, do not work hard or go crazy about your beauty. Do not be a workaholic. If you want to sustain yourself, you have to take care of yourself. Our grandparent’s diet was good with great exercise and we were not on social media. Now, they are living up to 80 + years or more. Now, at a young age, more health issues are cropping up like diabetes, hypertension and other health issues, PCOD, etc. No shortcuts in life for success, skin, body, health, and hair. Take care internally of diet and exercise. Exercise and sweating are important because it releases endorphins in the body.” 

Advice from expert 

Dr. Shah informs, “Divert the desperation for aging. Improve your health. Eat the right things at the correct time. Eat healthily and keep consistency. Keep moderation and consistency. There are no shortcuts in life. The generation has also changed. Keep balance in life. There is a big difference in thoughts for younger generations. Do not take shortcuts in life. Maintain consistency to achieve goals.”

(Edited by Dr. Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Karishma Shah, Nutritionist & Dr. Jolly Shah, Aesthetic Dermatologist
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