Easier ways to be fit each day

▴ Easier ways to be fit each day
No rule book can curtail the routine which everyone has. Here are some simple yet doable ways to better health.

It's always said that little things matter a lot and whatever you do each day adds up to the big picture. May it be studies, relationships or the most valuable thing health small efforts make a big difference. With awareness of health all around us, we try to be health-conscious as we can, it's always a continuous process when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. The consistent it is the better it is.

We can use certain ways to stay fit and healthy as a part of our lives in our day to day life. 

1 - Good Water intake: Our body is made up of 75 % water. Most of the water food and water beverages are taken helps our body to have a properly functioning system and maintains equilibrium. There are many beverages available but water is still the best and the healthiest beverage for maintaining a healthy body. Apart from hydration water also helps in flushing out toxins and also oxygen which helps the body to function better.

2 -Exercise Daily Some form of activity is always important in your daily routine to stay fit and healthy. Apart from maintaining weight and fat percentage an exercise helps to strengthen the lungs and heart, increases the strength of muscles and betters blood circulation. It also has a hidden benefit, it helps to produce good hormones in the body which helps for an overall feel-good factor. 

3 - Proper Diet: We all are aware that diet plays an important role. Try your best to add in fresh fruits, vegetables, good fats, and protein. All are equally important and are always to be taken in a balanced form. Natural foods are always good to avoid highly processed food that contains high sodium, sugar and fat levels which affects health a lot.

4 Reduce Stress: Stress is an inevitable part of our lives but it invites many health issues including heart issues and even digestive issues. Yes, we can't avoid it but there are many ways to reduce it and one of the ways includes regular exercise which increases good hormones and reduces stress. Also, meditation, being around nature, do what interests you all help to reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body. Another way to reduce stress is not to overwork and also breaks may it be a day out or consistent vacations are always good for health.

 5 Sleep well: Just like the way our laptop needs to shut down our body also needs to shut down too. maintain physical and mental health. Lack of sleep has many effects on metabolism, memory, adds stress, makes hormones fluctuate, reduces concentration and also affects our immunity. Sleep allows our body to repair and helps to restart the system well the next day. 

6 Reduce bad habits: Certain habits have a bigger impact on our health may it be smoking, drugs, alcohol intake all adds to many health issues. Try to keep it away for better health and a healthy lifestyle. Although all of these options are very important but health is not related to a week's effort or a month. Make smaller changes one at a time so that it's not too much for oneself. Best keep it as consistent as possible with proper guidance by an expert.

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