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Less than 20% of India's 40 crore menstruating women actually use sanitary pads. Only 52 percent of people live in urban regions. This shows that over half of women, especially those living in cities, adopt unclean measures to protect themselves from their periods, leaving them susceptible to health problems.

FemiSafe is the first ever to introduce non-electrical sterilizers for menstrual cups in the Indian market. Femicare’s aim is to break the stigmas and taboos revolving around menstruation and feminine hygiene. Menstrual caps, intimate wash, razors, and aloe gel are the products available from Femisafe. Femicare also intends to introduce many feminine hygiene products in the near future.

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information "31.27% of urban girls and 71.42% of rural girls reused pads during menstruation period. Cleaning of external genitalia was satisfactory only in 47.63% of the urban and 37.96% of the rural girls."

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not quite possible for women to go outside to the shops and get sanitary pads. So Noureen Aisha and Naseef Nazar, the brand's founders, were inspired by this confusion to create a line of period hygiene products specifically. The first products of the brand were menstrual cups, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and the Silicone Sterilization Cups-used to sterilize menstrual cups. A single menstrual cup can last for 5 to 10 years.

Pandemic effects on Femisafe’s journey

Shortage of sanitary napkins, waste disposal, and picking up of sanitary pads were some major issues seen during the pandemic, Femisafe saw this as an opportunity to help people and hence it was established during the epidemic. Femisafe was an internet-first brand that spread awareness and provided access to menstruation pads and cups, and because people were more available digitally during the pandemic, Femisafe got more engagement and, therefore, flourished.

USP of Femisafe

Femisafe co-founders stated that“We took a sample of around 200+ people and they claimed to know about the product but had no in-depth knowledge about it. Unfortunately, 90% of the population didn't even know about a single brand of menstrual cup two years ago. They didn't even know how to put it in or use it. "

Additionally, they saw the market gap, so they thought of spreading awareness. Femisafe is mostly interested in targeting tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They have a significant presence in Kerala and intend to increase it in retail as well.

Customer base of Femisafe

Thinking about the female pain points, Femisafe came up with female hygiene products. Femisafe now has a customer base of over 25 thousand people and aims to serve lakhs of people.

Funding for Femisafe

Femisafe hasn't received any funding till date. Femisafe is entirely bootstrapped, but they are actively looking for investors.

Revenues for Femisafe

Naseef Nazar states that "In the year 2021, Femisafe earned a revenue of 70 lakhs and is targeting 2 crores for FY2023. 100% of revenue at the moment is generated from online streams. India has 80% of buyers offline, so we don't want to miss out on the crowd and sell it there as well, because it's a big market there.”

Future plans and goals

The Co-founders shares “Retail selling of femisafe products is to be started and spreaded in Kerala at first and then be a one-stop shop for all feminine hygiene needs are the main goals to be accomplished at first. After this has been achieved, they will then diversify their goods into products such as baby care and mother care”. Additionally, the co-founders also desire to widely spread their startup influence in the Mena region as well.

Learning for budding entrepreneurs

The Co-founders add, “Nobody can entirely figure it out all at once. Plunges and journeys are very important so you learn and remember to go with the flow. Additionally, the main objective should be to add value to people's lives. "

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