Trying everything but not losing weight, here is the reality check

Trying everything but not losing weight, here is the reality check. Do check for these mistakes if you are committing them and find out the right remedy for it.

The new year is approaching and this year again, many of us will make a resolution to reduce some kilos from our body weight. The same resolution was made this year also but there is hardly any difference and the year is going to end. Sacrificing all favorites and working really hard to spare time to go to the gym, and still not seeing the numbers decline is very discouraging and frustrating. Let’s get a reality check about the mistakes people often make that hinder their weight loss progress. 

You are not eating enough – We all know that eating too many calories will lead to unwanted weight gain. Hence, we try to skip meals or eat very less. But when you really cut short your calories, your body thinks you’re in trouble. It slows down a lot of the functions that are necessary to burn calories — including your thyroid, metabolism, and blood pressure. It can cause hormonal imbalance which is the prime culprit of weight gain in women. It also leads to binge eating which is hard to win.

Follow portion control - Instead of cutting out foods you enjoy, try watching your portion sizes. Do take your favourites but in limited quantities. Always do mindful eating, and watch what you eat and when you eat. Whenever you are eating your favourites, eat slowly and enjoy the portion. This will send the signal to your brain that you have eaten enough and would avoid binge eating.

A well-balanced meal plan – Well balanced diet plan includes carbs, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins (macro and micro), antioxidants, and fiber. Our body needs all these in respective quantities. You can’t avoid any of these fully. Take whole grains for carbs, lean meats and seafood for protein, and avocado and nuts for fats. The more the food is natural, the better it is.

Exercising a lot but not compromising on the diet - At the end of the day, your weight comes from a 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. So, if you want to see success in the mirror at the gym, and on the scale, it’s time to watch your diet too.

Sitting on the desk the whole day - when you sit for hours at a time without any movement, your body stops producing lipase, a fat-inhibiting enzyme that can be a big help in trying to achieve your weight-loss goals. Therefore, stand up in between, stretch, stand for some time, or go for a small walk. 

Not taking enough sleep - Lack of sleep can affect hormones, ultimately affecting metabolism. According to a study, those who take less than four hours of sleep a night were 73 percent more likely to be obese than those who got the recommended seven to nine hours of rest. Hence, to see your desired numbers on the scale, you need to take proper sleep first.

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