Understanding your teenager – Parenting tips

The teenage years of your child are full of changes. Try these positive parenting tips to strengthen your relationship with your teenage child

The teenage years are very complex because of several hormonal changes. For your children, these years are full of curiosity and anxiety. As they are dealing with their new changes which can have a great impact on their behaviors or moods, as a parent, you may feel like they are going away from you. But this is the time to put effort into knowing them better, understanding their challenges, and guiding them. It will make the bond stronger with your teenage child. 

Be sensitive to their body changes - As your teen goes through a series of body changes, they become sensitive and anxious about their physical development, conscious of their appearance and people’s perception of them.

What parents can do

Parents need to be sensitive with their comments on body image and dressing. Stop comparing them with others. Give them the opportunity to develop their own step. Encourage teenagers to engage in activities that will develop their self-esteem. You can put them in any hobby class or anything of their interest. 

Dealing with teenage emotions together – During puberty, with changes in hormones, your teen may also experience frequent mood swings. Teenage hormones and emotions may impact their mental wellbeing.

Friends may become more important to them and have a larger influence over their thoughts and behaviors. Not all peer influences are bad. When the influences become undesirable, you’ll need to be there to set limits and ground rules.

What parents can do

Have patience. Listen to them and understand their feelings. Don’t argue with them. Make them understand what is right and what is wrong. 

Trust them and give them their ‘me’ time – Even if you don’t like their company, avoid making comments on their friends. Instead, invite their friends to your home, and try to know them better. 

Respect their privacy - Let them have their own space at home. Be more like a friend rather than being a strict parent. This will help them to freely open up in front of you. Share your day with them, they will share their outing and hangouts. Conversate more and more. Try knowing them more about their lives. 

Be aware of what they are into – Take interest in their lives, keep trying to know what they are into. Taking an interest in their lives and learning from your teen will boost their self-esteem and mental wellbeing.

Don’t scold them in public – If you need to scold or shout at them, do it in a private setting. And be careful not to hurt their pride.

Strengthen your bond with teens 

U - Understand them, listen to them

S - Spend quality time and participate in activities together

E - Encourage them to pursue their hobbies, their interests

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