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Unveiling Cancer Patterns in Families of Men with Fertility Challenges

The study’s findings revealed intriguing insights. Families of men with infertility appeared to be particularly susceptible to specific cancers, including those affecting the bone, ...
Apr 11

Man Hospitalized with Rare Bacterial Infection After Rat Bite: What You Need to Know

Despite the wound appearing healed, he exhibited signs of low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, kidney damage, and low blood platelet count—a condition known as ...
Apr 10

Enhanced rock weathering results in higher crop yields and improved crop health

Study finds enhanced rock weathering contributed to a 9.3 - 20.5% higher crop yield and suggests increased crop resilience to future climate challenges....
Apr 09

University of Exeter announces scholarships valued at over £10,000 for Indian Students

The scholarships are offered in a range of fields including- Business and Management, Economics, Accounting and finance, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Sports science, Humanities and ...
Apr 09

Prevention forms the bedrock of a Healthy Society, experts urge to foster a culture of preventive healthcare

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, India could potentially bear a colossal burden of $4.58 trillion from 2012 to 2030 owing ...
Apr 06

Avian Influenza Scare: Texas Farm Worker Infected with Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu

The disease, caused by the influenza A virus, poses a grave threat to both human and animal health, necessitating robust surveillance and response measures. ...
Apr 06

Beyond the Glow: Investigating Outdoor Light’s Impact on Stroke Risk

This study represents one of the first attempts to investigate the relationship between exposure to light pollution at night and the risk of cerebrovascular disease ...
Apr 05

Shining Light on Autism in India on World Autism Awareness Day 2024

Through collaborative efforts and community initiatives, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with autism and their families....
Apr 02

The chasm between TB and HIV continues

One-third of HIV treatment service providers do not provide TB treatment and three-fourth of TB service providers do not provide HIV treatment. This ...
Apr 02

India's (Pharmacy of the World) Status At Risk: Insight’s From Letter to PM Modi by Analysts at Sanford Bernstein

Despite its potential, India does not feature prominently in the global healthcare innovation index or patent publications....
Mar 30

"It takes a village to raise a child”

Effective parenting plays a crucial role in shaping children into well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in various aspects of life” Dr.Amita Phadnis Pediatrics ...
Mar 29

Recharge Your Life: Simple Ways to Boost Your Physical and Mental Energy

Mar 28

The Neurological Toll of Common Household Chemicals: Insights from Recent Research

As we navigate the complexities of modern living, it is essential to remain aware about the potential risks posed by everyday household items...
Mar 28

NTT and Olympus Begin World's First Joint Demonstration Experiment of Cloud Endoscopy System

To realize a cloud endoscopy system, NTT and Olympus have started demonstration experiments centered on IOWN APN to solve technical problems in the network....
Mar 27

NTT and Olympus Begin World's First Joint Demonstration Experiment of Cloud Endoscopy System

An endoscope is a medical device in which a flexible tube is inserted into the natural openings of the body to perform an examination and ...
Mar 27

The Silent Battle of Princess Catherine: Early-Onset Cancer and Its Impact on Young Lives

Efforts to address early-onset cancer require a multifaceted approach, including promoting healthier dietary habits, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, and enhancing early detection and ...
Mar 23

The Changing Face of India's Population: Trends and Forecasts

As India navigates this transformation, it is imperative to adopt a multi-faceted approach that addresses socio-economic challenges while leveraging opportunities for sustainable development....
Mar 22

2nd Edition of Intl Conference on Shipping & Logistics held

Geopolitical tensions are badly affecting logistics: Logistics Industry Professionals....
Mar 22

Digital Health Literacy: Understanding Medical Students' Preferences

The findings of the study reveal the need for continued research and collaboration to develop evidence-based strategies for promoting health literacy and behavior change....
Mar 20

Title: Empowering Communities: Nisarg Srishti's Impactful Environmental and Women's Wellness Endeavor

Through this comprehensive initiative, the Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation has not only raised awareness but also empowered communities to take proactive measures for a more ...
Mar 20

People with Parkinson’s benefit from new Home-Based Care pathway

Newcastle University creates a pioneering care programme through which people with Parkinson’s are supported in managing and monitoring their condition at home which has ...
Mar 20

Rapid Response - Medulance and Zomato Live Combine Efforts for Medical Support at Zomaland

Mar 19

Battling Dengue: A Dual Fight for Health and Economy

Investments in research and development are essential to develop effective treatments and preventive measures for dengue across the globe ....
Mar 19

Brij Hotels Announced 4 Million in Series A Funding

BRIJ Hotels announced 4 million Series A investment by the Manipal Education & Medical Group Family Office, with strategic participation from investors including Abhay Jain, Abhiroop ...
Mar 19

Safeguarding Spectators: Medulance Partners with Zomato Live for On-site Medical Assistance at Zomaland

Mar 18

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