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Surge in Brain Infections in India During Monsoon: A Growing Concern

Preventive measures, including vector control, use of mosquito nets and repellents, vaccination, and early diagnosis and treatment, are essential in combating these infections....
Jul 20

Understanding the Chandipura Virus Outbreak in Gujarat: A Critical Overview

The Chandipura virus outbreak in Gujarat highlights the unpredictable nature of infectious disease threats and the critical need for proactive public health interventions....
Jul 18

Dengue during Monsoon Season and Neurological Complications Associated with Dengue

Patients with severe dengue may experience headaches, altered mental status, seizures, and even coma. The virus's neurotropic nature means it can directly infect neural ...
Jul 09

Teen Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba in Kerala: Fatal Naegleria fowleri Infections Surge

Health officials in Kerala are on high alert following this incident and are urging the public to take preventive measures to avoid exposure to potentially ...
Jul 05

The Impact of Dengue Fever During Monsoon Season in India

By adopting proactive mosquito control strategies and promoting community awareness, we can collectively mitigate the spread of dengue fever and safeguard public health during the ...
Jul 02

Severe Heatwave Grips Delhi: Over 19 Deaths Reported Amid Sweltering Temperatures

By taking appropriate precautions and supporting those most at risk, we can mitigate the impact of extreme heat and protect our communities....
Jun 20

Japan Battles Surge in Deadly Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Cases

The unprecedented rise in STSS cases in Japan is a serious public health concern. With a high mortality rate and the potential for severe complications, ...
Jun 20

Rare H9N2 Bird Flu Case Found in Four-Year-Old in India: WHO Highlights Ongoing Risks

Avian influenza viruses like H9N2 pose ongoing challenges to global public health. While H9N2 infections in humans are rare, they are a reminder of the ...
Jun 15

From the frontlines: Homeless person won over alcoholism, survived floods and defeated TB

But the path to his recovery was fraught with more challenges. In mid-2023, Delhi battled one of its worst flood-like situations in several ...
Jun 12

The Hidden Danger in Freshwater: A Young Girl's Fight Against PAM

The death of the five-year-old girl from Munniyoor due to primary amoebic meningoencephalitis is a tragic reminder of the dangers posed by rare ...
May 24

Potential Risks of Meftal: What Consumers and Doctors Should Know

By staying informed, consulting healthcare professionals, and reporting any adverse reactions, we can ensure safer use of these medications....
May 18

Kerala Health Alert: West Nile Fever Cases Confirmed in Thrissur, Malappuram, and Kozhikode

The emergence of West Nile fever cases in Kerala highlights the ongoing threat of mosquito-borne diseases and showcase the importance of proactive public health ...
May 10

Assessing Covishield Safety: Indian Research Offers Reassurance Amidst Rare Side Effect Discussions

While acknowledging rare side effect concerns, the data showcases the vaccine's significant benefits in combating COVID-19....
May 08

Mumps Resurgence in India: Understanding the Recent Outbreak and Prevention Strategies

Proper hygiene practices, including regular handwashing, wearing masks, and maintaining physical distance, play a crucial role in preventing viral transmission...
May 02

The Battle Against Malaria: Rising Trends and Vaccine Innovations

Collaborative efforts between governments, healthcare organizations, and international partners are essential to achieving malaria eradication goals and ensuring healthier futures for vulnerable populations across Africa ...
Apr 25

Student Health Crisis: Food Poisoning Incident Strikes Pune Coaching Centre

Proper food handling, storage, and preparation techniques are essential to prevent foodborne illnesses and ensure the well-being of individuals....
Apr 23

After months of diagnostic delay, a migrant worker could access TB services only when a community health worker met him

Manjit is not only a TB survivor but also a TB champion who proactively goes to health awareness camps to encourage those with symptoms to ...
Apr 22

Rajasthan’s Swine Flu Situation: Health Department Observes Decline

The highly infectious nature of the swine flu virus has significantly impacted public health in Rajasthan, resulting in fatalities and numerous individuals contracting the disease ...
Apr 15

Man Hospitalized with Rare Bacterial Infection After Rat Bite: What You Need to Know

Despite the wound appearing healed, he exhibited signs of low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, kidney damage, and low blood platelet count—a condition known as ...
Apr 10

Avian Influenza Scare: Texas Farm Worker Infected with Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu

The disease, caused by the influenza A virus, poses a grave threat to both human and animal health, necessitating robust surveillance and response measures. ...
Apr 06

The Dark Side of Beauty: Kidney Damage from Hair Straightening Treatments

Consulting with healthcare professionals before undergoing any cosmetic procedure can help individuals make informed decisions about their well-being...
Mar 29

The Dark Side of Beauty: Kidney Damage from Hair Straightening Treatments

Consulting with healthcare professionals before undergoing any cosmetic procedure can help individuals make informed decisions about their well-being...
Mar 29

The Double-Edged Sword of Kala-azar Treatment: Shedding Light on Eye Complications

Numerous cases of eye complications post-miltefosine treatment have emerged, shedding light on the severity of this issue...
Mar 28

Battling Dengue: A Dual Fight for Health and Economy

Investments in research and development are essential to develop effective treatments and preventive measures for dengue across the globe ....
Mar 19

Unanswered Questions: Tragic Death of Maharashtra Woman Despite Rabies Vaccination

Concerted efforts must be made to raise awareness about rabies prevention and ensure the effective administration of vaccines to prevent similar tragedies in the future....
Mar 15

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