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Avesthagen Wipro have launched genetic tests for cancer, neurological disorders, and rare diseases

Avesthagen is an India-based globally-focused biotechnology company with a corporate mission to utilize innovative science to develop new products and novel technologies for ...
Jun 22

Affordability in Cancer Care with 4baseCare

4baseCare is an onco-tech company that creates an ecosystem of patients, oncologists and researchers. It provides a first-of-its-kind gene panel test ...
Dec 28

Life science + engineering = Pandorum Technologies

A functional human lung made from scratch. A human-made cornea that can restore vision. Does this sound like sci-fi to you? Read to ...
Nov 26

Wave Life Sciences and Takeda Amend CNS Collaboration

Oct 20

UE LifeSciences on a quest for early detection of breast cancer

UE LifeSciences has screened more than 2,50,000 women in 12 countries for breast cancer. ...
Sep 13

Precision BioSciences and Tiziana Life Sciences announce exclusive license agreement to evaluate Foralumab

Latest pharma Update...
Sep 06

Strand Life Sciences and biotechnology startups in India

India stands 12th in the world for its biotechnology startups. Should more funding be given to them to make India resilient against diseases like Covid-...
Aug 27

Lupin launches Meloxicam Capsules, received approval from USFDA

Meloxicam Capsules indicated for the management of osteoarthritis pain...
Dec 29

Greenwich LifeSciences announces option agreement for pre-clinical Coronavirus vaccine candidates

Greenwich LifeSciences collaborates with Westport Bio to in-license a pre-clinical coronavirus vaccine program that is currently at the stage of pre-clinical animal ...
Dec 16

One can’t say how far digital technology can go in healthcare says Nilesh Kanani, Head- Quality Assurance Specialist, NHB Pharma

Dec 09

ReAlta Life Sciences Announces EMA Orphan Drug Designation for RLS-0071 for the Treatment of Neonatal Encephalopathy

The EMA grants orphan status to medicinal products intended to treat rare disorders that affect fewer than 5 people per 10,000 in the European ...
Dec 04

Caris Life Sciences announces Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology joins its precision oncology alliance

The Alliance is a collaborative network of leading cancer centers that work together to advance comprehensive cancer profiling and establish standards of care for molecular ...
Dec 01

Laurus Labs forays into biotech, acquires majority stake in Richcore Lifesciences

Laurus Labs to acquire 72.55 per cent of Richcore’s shares for a value of Rs 246.7 crores...
Nov 26

Kolkata hospital awaits DGCI nod to begin Phase 2 trial of Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine

Once the DCGI gives a green signal, the hospital's ethics committee will issue a clearance to start the Phase-II clinical trials ...
Nov 05

Sai Life Sciences to significantly expand biology capabilities at its integrated R&D campus

Sai Life expands organizational transformation areas...
Oct 27

Aarti Life Science Launches 'Yetocee D3' to fight against COVID-19

Yetocee is so much more than just a regular immunity supplement dose. It not only provides an immunity boost but also sustenance and acts as ...
Sep 26

Saptagir Laboratories enters into exclusive agreement with Jubilant Generics

Another Indian company joins Remdesivir production...
Sep 15

ACTO acquires Scrimmage, disrupting Life Sciences learning and engagement market

ACTO cements its position as the largest life sciences commercial learning and development platform ...
Sep 15

Tiziana granted patent on the use of Milciclib in for Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Breakthrough in Hepatocellular Cancer ; Milciclib granted patent...
Aug 25

Everest Organics announces Remdesivir API manufacturing

Now Everest Organics will also manufacture Ramdesivir API...
Aug 12

Gufic Lifesciences signs contract with Hetero Labs for Remdesivir lyophilised powder

Gufic Lifesciences has entered into a loan agreement with Hetero Labs Limited to manufacture and supply Remdesivir lyophilised powder ...
Aug 12

Jubilant Life Sciences Limited announces launch of ‘JUBI-R’ (remdesivir) in India

Now Jubiliant launches Remdesivir at Rs 4700...
Aug 04

Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences launch Amplify Analytics

Data-driven ‘win quick, fail fast’ approach reduces technical uncertainties in early-stage development ...
Jun 30

HM allows of HCQ in early stages of Coronavirus ; Remdesivir for moderate cases

Health Ministry drops Azithromycin, suggest HCQ and Remdesivir instead for COVID patients...
Jun 15

A2A along with LAXAI to co-develop SARS-CoV-2 main proteases inhibitors

With this collaboration, A2A wants to discover highly selective targeted inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 MPro...
Jun 09

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