From FOMO to Empowerment: Decoding Mental Well-being in Today's World - Key Takeaways from Our Mental Health Webinar

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The insights shared by Dr. Mithila Desai and Dr. Deepali S. Ajinkya highlighted the importance of self-awareness, emotional expression, and seeking professional help when necessary.

In a world filled with information and societal expectations, mental health has become a topic of paramount importance. At Medicircle we recently hosted an InstaLive webinar on Mental Health Day, featuring esteemed professionals in the field. Dr Mithila Desai, Clinical Psychologist, and Founder of THE MENTAL HEALTH Mumbai, and Dr.Deepali S. Ajinkya, Physician, Psychotherapist, and Medical Hypnotherapist, shared their combined experience of over 50 years, shedding light on various aspects of mental well-being.

Understanding Emotional Expression

Dr. Mithila Desai emphasized the crucial role of expressing emotions in maintaining mental health. In a society where individuals, be they children, parents, housewives, or employees, need platforms to share their feelings, seeking mental health professionals becomes imperative. Dr Desai urged the importance of emotional literacy, highlighting the need to understand and express emotions for a healthier mindset.

The discussion flowed into the concept of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and its increased prevalence due to social media. Dr Desai pointed out that societal awareness has grown significantly, with people of all ages, even those above 50, learning about FOMO. The distortion caused by comparing oneself to others was identified as a major challenge. The speakers emphasized the need for self-awareness, evaluating priorities, and embracing a positive outlook on one's life.

Empowering Through Self-Belief:

 Dr. Deepali S. Ajinkya stressed the significance of self-belief, especially during adolescence when peer and parental pressures are intense. The focus should shift from external comparisons to understanding one's capabilities, intelligence, and potential for growth. Competing with oneself, improving personal performance, and fostering self-confidence were highlighted as essential elements for mental well-being.

Addressing Bullying and Emotional Literacy in Schools: The discussion touched upon bullying in schools and the importance of emotional literacy in the education system. Dr Desai emphasized that addressing problems at the household level is crucial, as issues at home often manifest in a child's behaviour at school. Creating awareness about expressing feelings and emotions in schools was deemed imperative for building a supportive environment.

Insights on Mental Health Statistics: The webinar shared alarming statistics on mental health, indicating that 20% of Gen Z have sought therapy, and 60% are on medication. Approximately 1 in 5 millennials suffer from a mental illness, with a 31% increase in depressive symptoms from 2009 to 2017. Workplace stress, burnout, and the impact of social media on mental health were also discussed.

Social Media Pressure and Positive Usage:
Dr Deepali S. Ajinkya highlighted the pressure imposed by social media and the need to differentiate between reality and portrayal on these platforms. The importance of using social media positively, such as participating in mental health programs like Medicircle's, was emphasized. The speakers encouraged filtering information, verifying sources, and following authentic channels for a healthier online experience.

Tips for Mental Well-being:
Both speakers provided practical tips for maintaining mental health. Positive self-talk, starting the day with a positive note, and incorporating relaxation techniques before bedtime were recommended. Dr. Mithila Desai emphasized the importance of preventing overthinking and seeking professional help when needed.

Medicircle's InstaLive webinar on Mental Health Day served as a comprehensive guide to understanding and nurturing mental well-being. The insights shared by Dr. Mithila Desai and Dr. Deepali S. Ajinkya highlighted the importance of self-awareness, emotional expression, and seeking professional help when necessary. As we strive for a mentally healthier society, platforms like Medicircle play a vital role in disseminating valuable information and fostering a supportive community.

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