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Aarogya Setu becomes open source app

Arogya Setu becomes open source with 115 million users...
May 27

ICMR removes ceiling of Rs 4,500 on Coronavirus Tests

Private Labs are free to fix the charges of COVID-19 tests...
May 27

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai's Dharavi increases by 38, total 1,600

Dharavi on high alert,Mumbai continues to be a hot spot...
May 27

42 found corona positive : Nokia factory in TN shuts down

Nokia shuts Chennai plant after Oppo did last week due to COVID-19 infections...
May 27

WHO warns of second peak : COVID-19

WHO warns of second peak of pandemic attack for the countries which are recovering from the infections...
May 27

FDA approves CytoSorb for COVID-19 patients

Biocon Biologies receives FDA approval for CytoSorb an EBP device for COVID-19 patients...
May 27

India crosses 1.45 lakh cases, migrants drive boosts the spike

Several States announced mandatory institutional quarantine on arrival as all are alarmed by the fresh spike...
May 27

DRDO's Tejas OBOX technology will be used to fight Coronavirus

DRDO scores another innovation in fight against the pandemic...
May 27

India among the lowest in COVID-19 fatality: Lav Agarwal

The 2.8% death toll in coparison to 6.45% worldwide is complemented by record high rate of recovery...
May 27

Womens Health : A priority

Women's Health has always been a secondary approach as she is assumed to be busy with the household. Here is a quick brief on ...
May 27

How can we celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day today

27th National Senior Health And Fitness Day will be celebrated in US today albeit in low scale ...
May 27

Google to start reopening offices

Google said it would give each employee an allowance of $1,000, or the equivalent value in their country, to expense necessary equipment and office ...
May 27

Hospital staff with Covid-19 had antibodies to prevent reinfection

The study of 160 volunteers shows all but one developed antibodies within 15 days after the start of infection....
May 27

Russia has "Passed" COVID-19 peak : Putin

The postponement of the Victory Day parade was huge blow to President Vladimir, who wanted to gather world leaders to celebrate 75 years since the ...
May 27

Record-Breaking hot summer in northern hemisphere : UN

The World Meteorological Organization urged governments to make plans to keep people safe during heatwaves without spreading the novel coronavirus....
May 27

Court asked to check COVID-19 facilities at hospitals

The Delhi High Court directed the Centre and the AAP government to specify arrangements made to deal with COVID-19 patients after a video went ...
May 27

Asterix creator died of COVID-19

Albert Uderzo's widow Ada said the charity auction was a way of thanking "our new heroes who have resisted the invader,"...
May 27

Hundreds to get COVID-19 tested after illegal football match

French city of Strasbourg are calling for hundreds of people who watched an illegal football match this weekend ...
May 27

Turkey limits amount of industrially produced trans fats in foods

The new regulations will ensure that foods intended for the final consumer and for supply to retail contain no more than 2g of trans fats ...
May 27

Bulgaria launches programme to reduce domestic violence amid lockdown

Bulgaria launches new national programme amid pandemic on violence against women and children...
May 27

Biocon Biologics receives EU GMP certification

Biocon Biologics receives EU GMP certification for multiple biosimilars manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru ...
May 27

Menstrual health will improve in India : Niine

Abolition of import duties on sanitary napkins will further improve menstrual health in India...
May 27

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