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COVID-19 recovery rate improves to 74 % in Rajasthan

Rajasthan leads in Coronavirus recovery rate with 74% way better than national average...
Jun 12

Punjab CM orders strict lockdown on weekends and public holidays

Punjab Government orders strict lockdown and movement is only allowed by obtaining proper passes from COVA app...
Jun 12

Ghaziabad Administration will set up dedicated SARI clinics for COVID-19 patients

SARI clinics for Ghaziabad Coronavirus patients to be effective soon...
Jun 12

Africa records over 2 lakh COVID-19 cases

The pandemic is accelerating in Africa, it took 98 days to reach 100000 cases and only 18 days to move to 200000 cases....
Jun 12

WHO global situation report on Coronavirus ; June 12

Latest global pandemic updates from WHO and guidance to handle the infections ...
Jun 12

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple closed, annual festival cancelled due to pandemic

Kerala puts in fresh lockdown and containment rules as more people are expected to hit the state...
Jun 12

Technology being used to fight rising number of corona cases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra tires to deal with the COVID-19 crisis using technology while keeping in mind security issues....
Jun 12

Super Virus – COVID-19: How we got here

A recount on the life cycle of the coronavirus till now to understand what should be the future course...
Jun 12

The actual benefits of creatine supplements, according to expert

Creatine has always been under question. Here is a quick understanding by an expert on why Creatine is needed...
Jun 12

Red Cross Warns of a ‘Staggering’ Drop in Blood Supplies

Hospitals have resumed elective surgeries and many Americans are venturing out of their homes again, but the rate of donations has yet to bounce back....
Jun 12

Queen Elizabeth makes video call with COVID caregivers

The 94-year-old monarch logged in from Windsor Castle, where she has been staying during the COVID-19 outbreak, to speak with carers...
Jun 12

Everything you need to know about green tea

We're debunking some of the common myths weighing down green tea's health...
Jun 12

5 Things You Should Know About Organic Food

Use our guide to make the healthiest choices for your family. Then find out which organic foods you should buy to avoid pesticide residues...
Jun 12

Alcohol labelling policies promoting healthier choices

WHO guidelines to alcohol labelling most countries lagging behind in promoting healthier choices...
Jun 12

The benefits of using yoga to create hormonal balance

A quick guide to yoga asans which you can do to better your hormone levels....
Jun 12

Viela Bio Announces U.S. FDA Approval of UPLIZNA

UPLIZNA is the first and only B cell depleter approved for the treatment of NMOSD...
Jun 12

Biocon and Mylan Announce U.S. FDA Approval of Semglee

Semglee is to be offered in vial and pen presentations...
Jun 12

440 fresh COVID-19 cases recorded from West Bengal

West Bengal will become the eighth state to report over 10,000 cases...
Jun 12

British council seeks 60 Million pounds amid COVID-19

British Council was founded in 1934 to promote British culture and fight the rise of fascism....
Jun 12

WHO/Europe encourages health workers to ask “why?

A WHO brief on how healthcare workers are very important and that's how they are encouraging healthcare people...
Jun 12

Fact checks on Immunity & how you can lend a helping hand.

It is not visible to us but, your immune system cells are constantly fighting bacteria and blocking viruses from invading your cells. ...
Jun 12

European borders set to reopen despite virus circulation

Experts concerned about the reopening of borders as the virus has not come to a standstill...
Jun 12

Coronavirus ; Latest national updates; June 12

Pandemic update across the states, latest developments during the last 24 hours...
Jun 12

How China's top-down command system helped contain COVID-19

Chinese white paper claims top down model helped in victory over the Coronavirus...
Jun 12

Maharashtra inches close to 1Lakh-mark with 97,648 positive

Dr. Harsh Vardhan asked for prompt delivery of COVID-19 reports to help timely detection and management...
Jun 12

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Success rates under IVF are dependent on a number of factors including maternal age, reproductive history, causes of infertility and of course, lifestyle factors....
Jun 12

237+ million medication errors made every year in England

WHO is worried about the medication errors made while prescribing, dispensing, administration and monitoring.Aims to halve the incidences...
Jun 12

International Albinism Awareness Day

There is no cure for albinism, it is managed through lifestyle management. They need to take care not to get sunburn and have regular healthy ...
Jun 12

Benefits of Yoga to overcome Anxiety

Yoga is a universal medicine for mental health related issues....
Jun 12

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