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Should I eat Chyawanprash in summer? Know the advantages, disadvantages and important precautions of eating it

The question that comes to the minds of people is whether it will cause any harm. So let us tell you that you can consume ...
Apr 19

7 Precautions you must take to stay Healthy in Winter

Know the best precautions to stay healthy in winter and keep infections at bay. Embrace a healthy lifestyle and get started today with these tips....
Feb 17

5 Ways to boost immunity as per Ayurveda

Our immune system is crucial to keep infectious diseases at bay. Most of the common infections are due to weather changes. Thus, it becomes important ...
Jan 28

''Immunity was a luxury in India pre-covid, and today immunity is an essential'', says Arjun Vaidya, CEO, Dr. Vaidya’s: New Age Ayurveda

Jan 19

Dabur ‘Immunity Vans’ bring Ayurvedic medicines at your Doorstep

These specially designed vans, which is part of Dabur’s direct-to-consumer ‘Immunity at your Doorstep’ initiative, have been deployed across 10 cities in ...
Nov 03

Precautions should be taken after recovery from COVID-19 - AYUSH Ministry

The Post- COVID follow up protocol, on individual level, advises continued appropriate use of mask, hand and respiratory hygiene, physical distancing etc...
Sep 14

Morepen Labs clocks double digit growth in its sales and net profit in FY 2019-20

Merepen Lab has achieved good growth and smoothly sailed through the difficult business challenges posed by the novel coronavirus globally...
Jun 23

Hamdard Laboratories launch digital campaign on Covid-19

Hamdard Laboratories launch a digital campaign which depicts that even the fearless are worried about getting infected from Coronavirus and prefer staying indoors....
May 12

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