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How do antibiotics impact gut health?

Sep 10

Laurik Nutraceutical Launches 'Laurik Bites' to Improve Sleep, Focus, and Gut Health

Sleep plays a major role in cleaning out toxins in the brain and throughout the body. The system that removes toxins is 10 times more ...
May 25

Hing And Honey Benefits For Gut

A mixture of asafoetida and honey is very beneficial to get rid of stomach-related problems. Consuming asafetida and honey mixed in the morning on ...
May 23

A new study associates certain gut microbiota strains with more severe strokes and poorer post-stroke recovery.

The most frequent form of stroke is an ischemic stroke, which happens when a clot or other obstruction limits the blood flow to the brain. ...
May 12

5 Ways to fix your gut health - Medicircle

The gut microbiome affects the overall functioning of the human body. Here are some common signs of an unhealthy gut and tips to fix them. ...
Mar 23

5 Amazing Health benefits of probiotic curd - Yogurt vs Curd | Medicircle

Homemade curd is a great probiotic. Probiotics are useful for better digestion, boosting immunity and compensating the deficient calcium levels in bones. Here are some ...
Feb 01

Yoga for gut health

A healthy digestive system is important for living a healthy life. And the secret to a healthy digestive system is a healthy gut. Improper gut ...
Jan 19

Treat digestive issues and skin problems at home

Constipation and an unhealthy gut can definitely affect your skin. Get started with a healthy lifestyle to keep your gut clean and embrace glowy skin. ...
Dec 10

5 Signs of unhealthy gut and ways to improve

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system and a healthy body. Living a healthy lifestyle can positively affect your gut health thereby improving ...
Dec 02

Power of the Gut - Microbiome testing of Leucine Rich Bio

The microbes present in our gastrointestinal speaks volumes about the way we feel and more about our health. It is to uncover more about this ...
Nov 24

Constipation in India

Constipation is the difficulty of emptying a person’s bowel. A Gut Health Survey conducted by Abbott claims that 22% of Indians are suffering from ...
Oct 21

Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 21 - Diet for weak digestive issues

Karishma Shah and Dr. Ravi Daswani give an overview of the causes and management of weak digestive issues such as IBS and tell us when ...
Aug 24

The Importance Of Probiotics : Healthy Gut Is A Must For The Overall Well Being To Keep All The Diseases At Bay

The human gut is an amazing piece of work. The gut is your “second brain”. Gut bacteria produce numerous neurochemicals which have a great positive ...
Mar 27

Passion for food, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle by Avnish Chhabria, Founder, Wellbeing Nutrition

Dec 12

Alarmins found in breast milk protect against intestinal diseases and obesity

Alarmins are the peptides and proteins which are gotten from breast milk and are found in the youngster's intestinal lot. ...
Sep 05

Contribution of intestinal microbiota to human health

A recent large observational study has shown an increased risk of heart diseases among people who have adapted a gluten-free lifestyle...
Jul 03

5 Home remedies for Acidity

Acidity is now a very common thing but little do we know that regular food and herbs can help you deal with it. Here is ...
Mar 20

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