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Now that Eyestem is here, Can India now be care free about Dry AMD ?

Dry AMD is the largest cause of incurable blindness in people above 60 and affects roughly 170 million people worldwide.The investment will allow Eyestem ...
Aug 11

Eyestem raises $6.4M in Series A round

The investment will allow Eyestem to progress a treatment for Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration into clinical trials. ...
Aug 08

NATCO receives approval for Carfilzomib Vials ANDA (generic for KYPROLIS) in the US market

By virtue of the settlement, NATCO and Breckenridge have been granted a license permitting the launch of their generic carfilzomib products on a date that ...
Jun 14

Top Ten Mid Cap Indian Pharma Stocks ; January 2021

Top ten mid cap Indian pharma stocks , January 2021...
Jan 07

Dr Harsh Vardhan emphasized on coordination, prevention and patient-centric quality care in making “TB Free India”

Dec 19

NATCO launches anti blood clot tablet Rivaroxaban in India

Rivaroxaban is currently sold by Bayer under the brand name of Xarelto, in the Indian market....
Dec 18

NATCO receives Pomalidomide approval for US market

Celgene, sells Pomalidomide Capsules under the Brand name POMALYST, for the treatment of patients suffering from multiple myeloma cancer...
Nov 13

Lupin Launches Lapatinib Tablets

Lupin announced today the launch of Lapatinib Tablets, 250 mg, after Lupin’s alliance partner Natco Pharma Ltd received final approval for its ANDA from ...
Sep 30

Lupin launches Lapatinib Tablets secures FDA approval

Lupin launches generic version of Novartis's Tykerb Tablets...
Sep 30

NATCO supports Columbia University's clinical trial of chloroquine phosphate

Researchers at Columbia University are conducting this critical study to assess CQ as prophylaxis against COVID-19 in healthcare workers....
May 23

NATCO records INR 513.0 Crore consolidated revenue and INR 104.4 Crore of profit, for the Third Quarter, FY 2019-20

Hyderabad based NATCO Pharma Limited has recorded consolidated total revenue of INR 513.0 Crore for the Third quarter ended on 31st December, 2019, as ...
Feb 18

China Relaxes Import Regulations to Improve Access and Availability of Affordable Medicines

Sep 13

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