Is it Conjunctivitis or COVID? Expert Advice by Dr. Major Rajesh Kar, Eye Specialist | Doctors Speak

Managing eye health is a very important issue especially in these times where everyone is confined to their homes with digital gadgets. Here we are for an expert opinion to share with you guys! “Looking at mobiles, TV, tablets, etc does not increase the chance of having glasses, rather if the child needs glasses, he/she will need it irrespective of whether they watch a gadget or not,” says Dr. Major Rajesh Kar on children being exposed to digital life in today’s times. Meet Dr. Major Rajesh Kar, is an Ophthalmologist & Surgeon along with being a Diabetes & Cardiovascular Expert and has also served in the Indian Army from 2008 – 2015 as a Medical doctor. Watch full video only on Medicircle Presents 'Doctor's Speak with Smita Kumar'