Every business challenge is unique & needs an optimal & efficient Solution says Dr.C.Omprakash Ph.D.

Healthcare consulting is the process of sharing expertise, experiences, giving advice, and guiding the healthcare organizations to make informed business decisions that will help to promote growth and provide benefits to their customers and patients. Dr. Omprakash explains how Vyomus Consulting helps Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics & Specialty Food businesses. “Vyom means progress in Sanskrit and U and S stands for us and our customers – so Vyomus means the progress of our customers,” says C. Omprakash Ph.D., Technical Director & Partner, Vyomus Consulting. Medicircle welcomes Dr. C. Omprakash PhD, Technical Director & Partner, Vyomus Consulting at Doctor's Speak with Smita Kumar, he holds a PhD in Business Administration and Management and has authored the book Customer Value Proposition. Currently, he is running Vyomus Consulting which is a science-based, professional consulting and services firm serving Business to Business (B2B) Customers. Watch full video only on Medicircle Presents 'Doctor's Speak with Smita Kumar'