Mark Adams on Handling a large & respected charity for people with Learning Disabilities or Dementia

When someone is diagnosed with Dementia, it can come as a shock to the person and those around them. However, there are sources of help and support for everyone involved. Community Integrated Care was founded in 1988 and is now one of the largest and most respected Charities in the UK which is an amazing Health and Social care Charity for people with Learning Disabilities or is living with Dementia. Today at Rendezvous with Smita Kumar, we proudly welcome Mark Adams, CEO, Community Integrated Care. He is experienced in the field of Healthcare, Social Care and Financial Services and Service Industries. He has quoted PLC's and led several start up, turnaround and private equity backed businesses. To know more about Mark’s journey Watch full video only on Medicircle Presents ‘Rendezvous with Smita Kumar’