Learn about e-cigarettes and Skincare with Mint leaves

â–ª In stages 1 and 2, prostate cancer spreads locally. But in stage 3, this cancer can spread to the bladder, uterus and even the blood. â–ª If you want to quit your habit of smoking, then research suggests you use e-cigarette as they are more effective than nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or meds. â–ª A study claims that by switching to using a dry powder inhaler, the carbon footprint caused by an asthma patient reduces by half. â–ª 32% of COVID-infected patients were at an increased risk of developing respiratory failure, fatigue, high blood pressure and mental health problems â–ª With proper treatment, the HIV virus can be defeated. The person must take a single tablet a day, Post Exposure Prophylaxis drug and ART therapy â–ª By including mint leaves in your skincare, you can achieve a brighter complexion, smoother skin and help reverse the signs of ageing.