Know about anxiety triggers and HIV AIDS myths | Medicircle

▪ Many of us have misconceptions regarding HIV AIDS There are only 3 ways this virus can spread from one person to the other. ▪ Sudden things can amplify our anxiety. Know the causes that can enhance one’s anxiety on a day-to-day basis ▪ Inculcating good habits and values in kids will not only make them more disciplined but would also help them gain self-confidence. ▪ Prostate cancer like all cancers are divided into 3 stages based on the spread of cancer and the rate at which cancer cells multiply. ▪ Treatment has been found for patients with severe suicidal ideation, particularly those with bipolar disorder. That solution is Ketamine. ▪ There might be a link between showing two or more chronic conditions in one’s midlife and having dementia later in life, says study