Are you a startup looking to scale up? Know more from Kunal Soni, Founder, SaYourIdeas & Idya

Easier said than done, a startup requires many aspects like right people to help you scale up, reel in the funding, investors, mentors, lots of support from friends and family and a lot of perseverance to make it. “India is a land of ‘Jugaad’ and the land of opportunities with real good people. I believe every corner in India has unique ideas and that is why I feel it has great potential,” says Kunal Soni, Founder, SaYourIdeas.At Medicircle Presents Redezvous with Smita Kumar, we are very happy to welcome Kunal Soni, Founder, Founder, SaYourIdeas & Idya, he is an Investment Banker and has worked with MNCs across India and London. Watch kunal sharing his insights on the startup ecosystem and Launching a new platform - a social network of ideas Watch the full interview only on Medicircle Presents 'Rendezvous with Smita Kumar'