Meet Gautham Pasupuleti on Making some valuable product which adds value to the healthcare system

Manual ventilation is a basic skill that involves airway assessment, maneuvers to open the airway, and application of simple and complex airway support devices and effective positive pressure ventilation using a bag and mask. At ‘Rendezvous with Smita Kumar’ today we proudly welcome Gautham Pasupuleti, CEO and Managing Director, Biodesign Innovation labs, has 28 honors and awards attached to your list, along with 6 publications and 5 patents. He also founded CornealX, which is an AI-based eye care startup and he is one of Forbes India’s Ultimate 120 Pioneers of Change. “RespirAID, which is a portable mechanical ventilation device, which is a safe, reliable, affordable alternative for prolonged manual ventilation, such that it can save the lives of patients who need immediate ventilation, are intubated, are sedated, who have to be transported and need ventilation in ambulances during emergency till the ICU’s,” says Gautham Pasupuleti, CEO and Managing Director, Biodesign Innovation labs. Watch the full interview and find out more about Gautham’s Journey only on Medicircle presents, ‘Rendezvous with Smita Kumar’