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Second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to be administered to health care workers in country today

India Covid-19 vaccination Update...
Feb 13

India Vaccine Update : 28 lakh healthcare workers vaccinated across India

More than 28 lakh Healthcare Workers Vaccinated across the country till yesterday ...
Jan 29

1,12,007 beneficiaries vaccinated against Coronavirus, covering 11% health workers

On 6th day of Covid vaccination, India covered most of the states phase-wise...
Jan 21

35000 health workers , 358 centres , Maharashtra begins vaccination of health workers

Maharashtra begins Coronavirus vaccination ...
Jan 14

Centre orders 83 crore syringes for COVID-19 vaccination; Nationwide dry run to begin tomorrow

The Union Health Ministry said the center has also invited bids for 35 crores more syringes. The government has prioritized 30 crore people for the ...
Jan 01

Bihar: Over five lakh health workers identified for Covid vaccination

In Bihar, over five lakh health workers have been identified for Covid vaccination. Health Minister Mangal Pandey said 45 thousand alternate vaccine providers have also ...
Dec 22

Health Ministry confirms: COVID19 Vaccination will be voluntary

Health Ministry confirmed that the vaccine introduced in India will be as effective as any vaccine developed by other countries...
Dec 19

India’s Active Caseload further contracts to 3.52Lakhs; lowest in 149 days

India’s active cases today stand at 3,52,586. The share of Active Cases in the total Positive Cases has further shrunk to 3....
Dec 14

100% we can’t prevent errors but we can reduce the error says Jagan Mohan Reddy, Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer, GE Healthcare

Dec 10

“Would I want this product for my family members?” asks Pratyesh Somani, Associate Manager, QA & RA, Nano Therapeutics Private limited

Dec 10

Patient Safety day - What is Patient Safety? And why is it important?

To guarantee fruitful execution of patient safety systems; clear arrangements, administration limit, information to drive wellbeing upgrades, gifted medical care experts, and successful contribution of ...
Dec 09

India's crosses a significant milestone-Active Caseload falls below 4 Lakhs after 140 days

India has reported a landmark achievement today. India’s total Active Caseload has fallen below the 4 lakh mark today to 3,96,729. ...
Dec 07

COVID-19 recovery rate in country reaches 94.03 pct

With cumulative recovery nearing almost 90 lakh, the national recovery rate has leaped ahead and reached 94.03 percent. ...
Dec 02

Bangladesh to provide 30 million doses of COVID 19 vaccine free

The government of Bangladesh has announced that it will provide 3 crore doses of COVID 19 vaccine to people free of charge....
Dec 01

COVID-19 recovery rate in country reaches 93.94 pc

The national recovery rate has reached 93.94 percent. The recovered cases in the country stand at nearly 20 times the number of active cases....
Dec 01

DRDO increases number of ICU beds to 500 in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital at Delhi Cantt

Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has increased the number of ICU beds to 500 in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel COVID Hospital at Delhi Cantonment....
Nov 30

MP reports 14,199 active COVID-19 cases

There are now 14,199 active cases in Madhya Pradesh and the state ranks 11 in the country in terms of the number of active ...
Nov 27

Puducherry: Downward trend in Covid-19 continues with 16 new cases, the lowest in recent months

In Puducherry, the downward trend in Covid-19 infection continued with 16 new cases, the lowest in the recent months, being reported today....
Nov 27

India's COVID-19 recovery rate reaches 93.65 Percent.

India's Total active cases now stand at 4 lakh 55 thousand 5 hundred 55. The recovery rate has reached 93.65 percent. ...
Nov 27

Chhattisgarh: Preparations begin for vaccination against COVID-19

In Chhattisgarh, preparations have begun for vaccination against COVID-19. Data of about 98 percent of the health workers of the state has already been ...
Nov 26

COVID-19 recovery rate in country reaches 93.66 pct

With a cumulative recovery of more than 86 lakh 79 thousand people so far, the national recovery rate has reached 93.66 percent. ...
Nov 26

Maharashtra continues to report decline in number of new COVID-19 cases

Maharashtra continues to report a steady decline in the number of new COVID-19 positive cases. ...
Nov 17

MP: 8,996 active cases of COVID-19 reported; Over 1.72 lakh people recover so far

In Madhya Pradesh, more than 1 lakh of 72 thousand people have recovered so far. 745 patients were discharged from the hospital in the past ...
Nov 17

Chhattisgarh Number of Corona Virus cases crosses 2.10 lakh mark.

The number of corona-infected patients in Chhattisgarh has crossed the two lakh ten thousand mark....
Nov 17

India continues to have one of the lowest cases of COVID-19 per million population globally

Ministry of Health has said that India continues to have one of the lowest cases of COVID-19 per million population globally....
Nov 16

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