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Battling the Rise of Kidney Stones Among Gen Z and Millennials

By adopting healthier habits, such as staying hydrated, maintaining a balanced diet, and engaging in regular exercise, individuals can protect their kidneys and reduce the ...
Mar 07

Understanding Kidney Stones: Causes, Precautions, and Treatment Options

Understanding kidney stones, their causes, and preventive measures is crucial for maintaining kidney health. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and seeking medical advice ...
Nov 02

Are Antacids Safe for Your Health? Exploring Risks and Natural Alternatives

Let's find out what antacids are, why they're used, and the potential health risks associated with regular or irregular use, and explore some ...
Aug 31

Taking care of your kidney

The kidney is one of the major body organs that perform various physiological functions of the body. Following an active and healthy lifestyle is the ...
Dec 23

Nutrition for dialysis patients

Just like diet plays a significant role in managing major health issues like diabetes, and hypertension, it also plays a key role in recovering from ...
Dec 13

Which salt should kidney patients consume?

Patients with kidney issues need to be cautious about the type of salt they consume. Let us check out which type of salt a kidney ...
Dec 06

Overuse of OTC medicines can damage your kidney health

For all our small silly day-to-day pain, we directly take OTC medicines from our nearby pharmacy. But do you know, these medicines can ...
Sep 05

Why do kidney stones occur?

Kidney stone is a serious health problem, know in simple language how the problem of kidney stone occurs and how to deal with it. ...
Aug 11

Top 3 Causes of Kidney Failure

Did you know that - If your kidneys cannot function regularly, your body fills up with toxins? Let us tell you some causes in detail that ...
Jun 23

Why should we not eat mushrooms because of kidney disease?

People suffering from kidney disease are advised not to consume mushrooms. Let us know why kidney patients should not eat mushrooms and about their harm. ...
May 18

Summer care tips for kidney stones

Kidney stones are very common in summers because of dehydration. The only way to keep this kidney disease at bay is to stay hydrated and ...
May 04

Diabetic nephropathy – Complication associated with uncontrolled diabetes

Diabetes if not managed properly can cause severe complications, one of them is diabetic nephropathy. Know more about diabetic nephropathy – What causes it, symptoms, risk ...
Mar 29

UTI myths and their facts

We all experience UTIs at some point in our life. Let’s debunk some common myths related to UTIs and their actual facts ...
Mar 09

6 Natural diuretics that helps against water retention

Diuretic promotes urine production and remove excess water from the body. Take a look at some natural diuretics that help excrete excess fluid and maintain ...
Feb 11

5 Home remedies to treat kidney stones - Medicircle

The kidney plays some of the important functions of our body like eliminating waste and toxins, maintaining fluid balance, and purifying blood. Here are some ...
Feb 02

Kidney health – 5 Things you should about Kidney care

The kidney plays a major role in keeping the body in balance. Here are some important facts about kidney health that will help you to ...
Dec 30

Know your kidney

Studies estimate that the number of new patients diagnosed with End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) who are started on dialysis or transplantation is over 100,...
Oct 22

Best foods for your kidney health

Read on to know some healthy options that are good for your kidney ...
Oct 22

The FDA has approved Farxiga to AstraZeneca to help protect kidney patients

Chronic Kidney Disease needs attention and early intervention to protect the kidney from dialysis. The FDA has approved Farxiga to AstraZeneca to help protect kidney ...
May 07

Foods to Avoid If You Have Kidney ailment

At the point when the kidneys become harmed and can't work appropriately, fluid can accumulate in the body and waste can accumulate in the ...
Aug 12

World Kidney Day 2020 and what foods can care for your kidneys

Focus on at any rate 150 minutes of moderate-force workout, for example, strolling, cycling or swimming, each week....
Mar 12

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