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A Holistic Ayurveda Platform For Men’s Health- AADAR AYURVEDA

Men are considered the head of the family. Working day and night they tend to neglect health. It's time to target men’s health. ...
Jun 28

7 Effective Tips for Weight Loss Naturally at Home

There are a few ways to lose weight in healthy manner which we are going to talk about today. These methods do not involve exercising, ...
May 19

How to prevent dark elbows and ankles?

Melanin is a pigment present in the skin that gives color to our skin and hair. Melanin is the reason why the skin of elbows ...
Mar 29

Vedi Herbals adds Marijuana to Ayurveda

Learn how Vedi Herbals is infusing Ayurveda with marijuana to create solutions for myriad of diseases. ...
Mar 16

Know the difference between Weight loss and Fat loss

Weight loss is different from fat loss. Weight loss includes reduction of overall weight including fat, muscle, and water, whereas fat loss refers to the ...
Mar 04

Mindful Meditation for Kids

The sooner we inculcate this healthy habit in them, the sooner they develop mental and emotional resilience. In this way, it prepares him as a ...
Mar 02

5 Ways to boost progesterone naturally

Abnormal levels of progesterone (hormonal imbalance) may cause adverse effects such as abnormal menstrual cycle, infertility, thyroid, weight gain, bone problems, etc. Here are some ...
Feb 02

Green Cure Wellness – a startup that combines Indian Ayurveda with German Engineering

Father’s asthma attack and misplaced inhaler while on a business trip to Germany led to the discovery of a relief-providing asthma syrup in ...
Jun 26

Cold Water Therapy – Is it just enjoyable or beneficial too?

Celebrities, trainers, athletes, and health influencers are happily immersing themselves in cold water therapy and creating the desire in others to do the same. There ...
May 28

Government expands free distribution drive of AYUSH-64 medicine to 25 locations in Delhi

Delhi government distributes Ayush 64 to 25 locations in Delhi...
May 15

Healthy fat is better than unhealthy thin suggests Dr. Sabiha Siddiqui, Dietitian and Nutritionist

May 08

A healthy fat is better than unhealthy thin suggests Sabiha Siddiqui, Dietitian and Nutritionist

May 01

Naturopathy – Gateway to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can lead to very dreadful diseases. Naturopathy provides a customized treatment after examining individual case histories. ...
Mar 23

Decoding the best ways to lose weight with Parul Malhotra Bahl, Founder, Diet Expression

Jan 23

Consumption of Ayurvedic based products can help enhance your lifestyle says Indraneel Chitale, Partner, Chitale Group and Co-Founder, Herbea and Dr. Chinmay S. Bhosale, Partner, Herbea

Nov 21

COVID has evoked worldwide interest in Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy to build immunity and search for healthy lifestyle: Dr Jitendra Singh

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that New India will become AtmaNirbhar in health care and will also contribute to the World in providing immunity booster mechanisms ...
Oct 31

A series of webinars on Naturopathy to be organized on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

The series of webinars would try to convey the message of Self health responsibility to people through simple Naturopathy modalities that are available easily to ...
Sep 29

Lok Sabha passes Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill 2020

Sep 22

Rajya Sabha passes Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill 2020 and Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill 2020

The Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill provides for the constitution of a Central Council which regulates the education and practice of the Indian medicine ...
Sep 18

Pankajakasthuri Herbal completes successful trial of ZingiVir-H

Pankajakasthuri Herbals is awaiting Ayush Ministry approval for Zingivir-H as add on therapy for COVID patients...
Aug 07

Dr. Bimal Chhajer, Cardiologist, ex-consultant, AIIMS, New Delhi and Director at SAAOL Heart Centre on cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them

Jul 01

Uttarakhand Government issues notice to Patanjali over Coronil

Patanjali applied for Coronil as an immunity booster for cough and cold says Y S Rawat, Licensing officer...
Jun 25

Innovative Approach by Ministry of AYUSH' to Fight Against COVID-19

Addressing the students, parents and the faculty at Swarnim Startup & Innovation University situated in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), in an online session, Union Minister of AYUSH, Shri ...
May 06

PM Mr Narendra Modi confers national status to Ayurveda Institutes

The Bill to that effect is to be introduced in the ensuing Session of Parliament to declare Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar ...
Jan 09

Indiegogo Campaign For Long Term Sinus Patients

The lab-tested supplement utilizes a proprietary mix of probiotics that are scientifically backed to help fight chronic sinus inflammation and Rhinitis plaguing over 100 ...
Dec 19

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